Intellivision Console Aiming For $179 Price Tag, Won’t Have 3D Games

Tommy Tallarico recently had an interview on the n3rdabl3 podcast, where he talked about the new Intellivision home console in development. The console won’t be crowdfunded, is currently acquiring partnerships with indie devs all the way up to AAA publishers, and it’s supposed to be priced at under $200, somewhere around $179.99. collected a couple of key quotes from the interview, where Tallarico explained what sort of software business model they were gunning for…

“We are paying people, very talented people. We have big publishers, huge publishers, mid-size publishers, we’ve got big developers, we’ve got small developers, medium developers, and if there’s a concept that they bring to us, then we’re going to take all of the risk away from them, financial risk as well, and we’ll front-load all of the royalties.”

They’re supposedly going for quality over quantity, and aiming to fill the new Intellivision’s console with games that review 7/10 or higher on the scale. Games, however, will be priced between $3 and $7. They also won’t be third-person games or take place in 3D worlds, but they will supposedly have state of the art graphics. Supposedly the idea is to bring back the classic Intellivision games but retain their simplicity of design, just with improved aesthetics and sound.

Tallarico explains…

“Imagine being able to play Pitfall 40 years later with completely amazing photorealistic graphics, incredible movie sounds. We’re not going to mess with the thing that made the game super popular.”

The idea is that they aren’t trying to make games that rival The Legend of Zelda or Grand Theft Auto. They’re trying to bring back classic gaming that made casual fans fall in love with the pastime way back in the day. They also want to court family-friendly style games that appeal to non-gamers.

The system will feature HDMI output, USB slots for accessories, an SD card slot, and WiFi compatibility for accessing the online game store and online leaderboards.

The controller is also supposed to be based on the original analog disc that gamers used to control the Intellivision games from back in the day. They apparently want to get rid of the keypad but want to retain the disc. It sounds like they want to make it a haptic pad similar to the Steam Controller.

They will be making some modifications to the design of the disc so that it’s more user-friendly, with Tallarico saying…

“The Intellivision disc was really cool in that it’s very easy, it’s flat and it’s simple. Where the old Intellivision disc sucked is that, it wasn’t the disc itself, but it was actually the ridge, the hard raised ridge around it. So when you played Intellivision games for a long time, it was your thumb and your nail that went into that hard ridge and so after you’ve played after a while, it started to hurt.


“So we’re going to get rid of that ridge, right? So we’re bringing across the disc which is very simple.”

The console won’t be launching this holiday season or next holiday season. However, details on the console will be revealed on October 1st, 2018 later this year.


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