Jim Jefferies’ Hit Piece On Diversity And Comics Furthers #ComicsGate Strife


The Jim Jefferies Show starring Jim Jefferies on Comedy Central, decided to hop into the #ComicsGate debate by doing a seven minute hit-piece on Richard C. Meyer from Diversity & Comics. Jim took snippets from an interview he had with Meyer who recently attended the San Diego Comic-Con, and attempted to portray Meyer as a racist bigot.

The seven minute clip was uploaded via a tweet by Jim on his Twitter account. You can view it below.

A good portion of the Youtube audience was not amused.

And a few hours later a majority of them were certainly not amused…

The faux comedian, looking disheveled and coming across on the subject matter with nothing short of an aloof perspective, hammered Meyer with questions about his opinion on the current state of comic books.

Jim juxtaposed his questions to Meyer with questions to a “diverse” group of Comic-Con attendees who were basically used as tokens for the Social Justice Warrior argument that the Leftist’s depiction of diversity in comics is good.

While the cut-together segment attempted to portray Meyer as racist and out of touch with the current comic book climate, Jim’s own agenda-driven slice of the comic book industry was belied by the facts themselves. In fact, Jim avoided the facts altogether.

He didn’t bring up the fact that Marvel had to cancel some of its SJW-themed comic books in early 2018. He failed to mention that some of the comics themed around sociopolitical agenda-pushing saw an 81% year-over-year drop in sales. A few of the comics were cancelled after only two issues.

He also failed to mention that retailers noted that the SJW-themed comic books aren’t selling and in turn have been hurting the brick and mortar business since comic books fans are no longer buying comic books.

Some of the more unhinged members of the SJW community have even gone on record in public tirades, blaming white comic book fans for not supporting the “diverse” comic books.

Unlike Jim Jefferies, the sales numbers don’t lie.

Comic books like Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel are never near the top. In fact, Carol Danvers’ comic continues to set in its current steady place of 29,000 units being shipped, as of May, 2018 according to ComicChron. That puts Captain Marvel’s flagship comic in 66th place. Just for reference, the top-selling comic book of May was Amazing Spider-Man at 411,000 units, followed by Venom at 225,000 units.

The diversity comics barely make up a fraction of the sales of the big movers and shakers each month.

It’s no surprise given that the current trend in SJW media is to make female characters ugly so that they’re unappealing to straight males (as evident with Carol Danvers looking like a man cosplaying as Captain Marvel), and to hamfist sociopolitical topics into each issue with reckless abandon.

Meyer wasn’t wrong when he said that they literally made Carol look like him.

What’s more is that Jim Jefferies completely sidesteps the arguments that many #ComicsGate participants have made with the current landscape of comic books: SJW writers and artists are upending fan-favorites with diversity replacements.

The replacements aren’t even good replacements, as evident with the fact that sales are in the toilet and Marvel has had to cancel some of its leading diversity-driven comic books. Most of the SJW comic books are little more than propaganda and self-inserts for creators.

Instead of addressing these points, Jefferies tries to turn the issue into a binary one, about whether or not Meyer and his ilk are racist bigots. He doesn’t come out and say it directly, but the entire segment is framed in that manner. He also ignores the fact that Meyer had his own comic book crowdfunded via IndieGoGo to tune of $366,737, and – surprise, surprise! – it features diversity…

…and hot chicks.

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