Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Almost Hits Diversity Check Mark With Lesbian Character
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

While her lines outing her character as a lesbian were cut from the film, actress Daniella Pineda recently confirmed that her character Zia in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was indeed gay.

In an interview with Build, Pineda revealed that her character is a lesbian and that she hopes that in a future sequel her character will get to be more flamboyantly lesbian given that the character’s lines about her lesbianism were actually axed from the theatrical release.

Pineda explains…

“There was a scene that I really, really loved, and I understood why they cut it – for the sake of time – but it’s me and Chris Pratt, and we’re in the military vehicle with all these mercenaries, and it’s kind of quiet, and everyone’s just kind of waiting. And I look at Chris and I’m like ‘Yeah. Square jaw. Good bone structure. Tall. Muscles. I don’t date men, but if I did it would be you. It would gross me out, but I would do it.’


“I loved that I’m looking at Chris Pratt, like the hottest guy in the world and I’m just like ‘It would gross me out, but I guess I would do it’.


“[…] It was a little insight into my character, but they cut it.”

The Build interviewer recounts how Tessa Thompson’s character in Thor: Ragnarok was also supposed to be bisexual but the scene showing her with other chicks was cut.

Pineda hopes that in the sequel for Jurassic World, which is due out in 2021, they explore more of her character’s lesbian sexuality.

This is all part of Hollywood’s agenda to promote alternative lifestyles. However, in some cases – where throwing in diversity for virtue signal points doesn’t make the most sense – even some of Hollywood’s directors seem to recognize that leaving some of the virtue signaling on the cutting room floor is what’s best for the bottom line.

At the end of the day, people really, really, really hate propaganda. It’s causing a ton of video games to tank in sales along with causing comic book sales to dive as well, with people recognizing the social engineering at play and want no part of it. It also didn’t help the box office for Solo: A Star Wars Story at all after Lando was revealed to be pansexual.

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is expected to also dabble in introducing more LGBTQ characters into some of the upcoming films, so we’ll see how well that affects their bottom line as more people become aware of what they’re aiming to do.


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