Ketto Majiku, Uncensored Free-to-Play RPG Playable On Nutaku
Ketto Majiku

Nutaku announced that two new games have joined its ranks, including the uncensored version of Ketto Majiku and the uncensored version of Futanari Quest.

Ketto Majiku is a free-to-play adventure role-playing game where you venture about the land engaging in using witchcraft and sex. The idea is to explore the world, crawl through dungeons, acquire new items, spells, and effects, and attempt to bang some hot chicks in the process.

The gameplay sees you starting out as an acolyte under the wing of a powerful witch. Your goal is to seek out treasures (and pleasures) in the world and defeat increasingly powerful enemies while conquering and acquiring plenty of booty along the way.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for Ketto Majiku below.

Your powers are handled through a series of runes across three categories: Field, Form, and Focus. Each series of runes will enable you to unleash powerful attacks on your foes.

Now it’s actually kind of cool because you develop new spells by mixing and matching the runes you acquire across the three categories. You can then use it in your spell casting tab to create all new spells, status effects, and summons.

It’s surprisingly deep to be a sexy-time game.

As you battle through the dungeons you can acquire new loot to outfit your character, encounter new hotties and bang them while you get stronger.

Seems like a decent pastime to indulge in.

You can play Ketto Majiku right now for free by visiting the Nutaku store page.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little spicier… might I interest you in Futanari’s Quest?

The game is a mixture of role-playing and visual novel storytelling. As a futa your job is to find a mate to breed with. This means you’ll charm and bed muscled warrior chicks, shy village girls, monster girls, princesses, killers, and even other futas.

The game is only five hours long and it clocks in at $4.99. It also features 35 CG images to unlock. You can grab a copy from the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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