KURSK, Russian Atomic Sub Docu-Adventure Launches October 11th For PC

A documentary-style adventure game from Polish game developers, Jujubee Games Studios, called KURSK is due out later this year in the fall for PC. It’s set to launch on October 11th just ahead of Halloween, and it will be followed up with a PS4 and Xbox One release in early 2019.

The developers have plans on selling the game for $29.99 for the standard version and $39.99 for the collector’s edition.

The game is actually based on real life Russian history. It recounts the fateful final journey of the K-141 KURSK submarine in the Barents Sea. It’s set on the Oscar II-class submarine following a crew from Moscow during the year 2000.

You’ll learn about the trip, interact with the crew, and see how it all came to an unfortunate head. You can see a brief glimpse of what the gameplay will be like with the trailer below.

The game has more to it than just the edutainment aspects of learning about the Russian sub, the men on board and how it operates, there’s also a spy element to the game as you’ll attempt to uncover what’s going on without being found out yourself.

Jujubee wanted to step outside the boundaries of traditional game making and focus on something interesting and real, with the CEO of the company, Michal Stępien, mentioning in the press release…

“We believe the time has come to tell real stories. In an age in which we compete for the free time of consumers against the entire entertainment industry, including movies and TV series, and when people are less likely to read non-fiction, game producers have an additional obligation. It’s true that games are becoming more complex, offering an incredible audio-visual experience, and allowing us to lose ourselves in a virtual world, but they rarely help us grow. That is why we want to step outside the self-contained world of video game subject matter and invite players to broaden their knowledge about history or the actual world. We’re convinced that KURSK will be a very attractive title to anyone looking for an ambitious and mature game”

The standard version of the game comes with the game itself, along with a set of desktop wallpapers and a PDF with the art book. The collector’s edition comes with access to planned DLC based on the true story of the Kengir labor camp uprising and the escape of the prisoners, along with VR support for the DLC, a PDF game board so you can play the KURSK tabletop game, premium wallpapers, the soundtrack, and an O.R.P. e-book in MOBI and EPUB formats.

You can learn more about KURSK by visiting the official website or looking for the game to launch first on PC this October.


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