Lilipalace And R18+ Patch Available For Download

Lilipalace R18 Uncensored Patch

Kagura Games and Tunnel No. 73’s Lilipalace is currently available for download right now from over on the Steam store or from the 18+ distribution outlet MangaGamer. You can grab a copy for only $12.99, but if you decide to pick up a copy within the first week of release you can get it for 15% off at only $11.04.

The game’s launch on Steam also came with a free R18+ uncensored patch. You can download the patch from Tunnel no.73’s website or you can download it from the Kagura Games website.

Simply download the CG patch v1.exe file and when it finishes downloading run the exe file to extract the uncensored CG images to the Lilipalace Steam folder. This will add in all the of the H-scenes and uncensored content.

You’ll have access to the English, Chinese and Japanese versions of the R18+ patch.


Lilipalace is about Seria, a knight who goes on a quest to investigate a place that appears and disappears and then reappears out of nowhere. She attempts to traverse the hazardous labyrinth where orcs, demons, and tentacle monsters reside… all of whom are starved of both attention and gratification.

Seria is subjected to the harsh pleasures of the dungeon, attempting to avoid traps, gangs of orcs, and other hazards lurking around every corner.

Along the way players will meet other adventurers trapped in the labyrinth, as well as a female cleric, and a suspicious man.

The objective is to discover the mystery behind the disappearing labyrinth and attempt to escape from it alive. The highlight of Lilipalace is that you can play through the entire thing with just the mouse alone, so you won’t have to rely on the keyboard and mouse at the same time, or keeping both hands occupied in order to enjoy the game.

You can pick up a digital copy of the title right now along with the uncensored patch.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard)

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