Looks Like Apple Will Discontinue The iPad Mini 4 And Replace It With The iPad 9.7-Inch

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The rumors and talks regarding Apple’s iPad Mini 4 started before the WWDC event, which was held in June. All the rumors pointed to Apple discontinuing the smallest of the current Apple line of iPads.

The entire week of WWDC the company shifted its focus on the affordable 9.7 iPad model, the theme was a better, more affordable iPad accompanied by the Apple Pencil, which the patents were approved for recently, according to Patently Apple.

The focus for marketing the new 9.7-inch iPad was centered more toward students and schools. The iPad Mini 4 had no spotlight regarding any updates, or enhancements being made in the near future. This past WWDC event left many believing that the rumors and talks were true, as recounted by the Motley Fool.

So now what should consumers expect from Apple’s new line-up of iPads? First, it’s true the company is pushing hard to market it’s most affordable and new 9.7-inch iPad with it’s trusty sidekick the Apple Pencil. Compared to the iPad Mini 4, it is a great deal and consumers and institutions will get the most for their money. Let’s do a comparison on the two.

Since the iPad Mini debuted first and it’s the smallest one, let’s start with it. Apple debuted the iPad Mini back in 2012, it was hot, different, portable and just a new exciting device; the price point started at $249, and according to the report by zdnet.com, analyst Gene Munster estimated 1-1.5 million iPad minis were sold the weekend that it launched. But of course, over time between competition with other small tablets, as well as bigger tablets, the fad begin to fade.

The current 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4 starts at $399, and with wi-fi + cellular the iPad Mini 4 starts at $529. Some of it’s current specifications for comparison reasons are – a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixel, with a 8mp and a 1.2 mp camera, video recording 1080p HD video recording, an A8 processor chip, with iOS 11, and a 19.1- watt hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with up to 10 hours of battery time.

Now, let’s compare the new 9.7-inch iPad, it starts at $329, and with wi-fi + cellular the price starts at $459. Here are some of the specifications to compare with the iPad Mini 4, it has a resolution of 2048 x1536 pixel, with a 8mp and a 1.2mp camera, video recording 1080p HD, with a A10 Fusion chip processor, runs on iOS 11 and a 32.4-watt hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with up to hours of battery time.

Apple has actually replaced its smaller iPad with a larger iPad at a cheaper price, the only down side is it’s not as small for compact traveling. To read more in details on comparisons or to order, visit: Apple.com

Photo Credit: iPhonehacks.com

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