MapleStory 2 Global Version Censorship Leaves Gamers Disgruntled [Updated]
MapleStory 2 Censorship

[Update 7/19/2018:]  Nexon has reneged on the censorship and confirmed that MapleStory 2 won’t be censored.

[Original article:] The Korean version of Nexon’s MapleStory 2 is currently going through beta testing. The global version is currently undergoing closed beta testing. Some Korean gamers have been sharing some of the content differences between the two versions and it appears the global release (which is what Westerners will be playing) will be censored.

Only July 5th, 2018 Censored Gaming shared an image from Twitter user Spadow, showcasing the differences between the South Korean version of MapleStory 2 and the upcoming global release version.

As many in the thread pointed out, the red cross had to be changed due to trademark reasons, but the other outfits all show that there will be ample coverage for the Western release of the game. Many of the briefs are turned into shorts, and many of the pelvic flaps have been given undergarment coverage. Some of the upper armor for the females covers up the cleavage, and the Chinese cheongsam dress has been given shorts to cover up the upper thigh of the characters.

Both Western gamers and Korean gamers have not been taking the news lying down. In fact, they’ve been collecting the evidence and have been making polls and comments in the suggestion and feedback forum over on the MapleStory 2 website to ask why Nexon is censoring the game and to encourage them to stop the censorship.

A user in the forums going by the handle Watchgintama wrote…

“Can we get a word from @NXACuddles on why Nexon is censoring the game? Has Nexon learned anything at all from Hyper Universe?”

Another user going by the handle of AnOldGeezer also showcased more comparison images and the censorship set to appear in the global version of the game, including artwork for the game where one character has all of her midsection covered and another character who is turned from a drow-colored angel into an Indian.

Typically, there were some people who didn’t care about the censorship and attempted to make as if many other gamers didn’t care as well. However, AnOldGeezer posted a poll up to show that a majority of those in the forums did not want MapleStory 2 censored in the global version for English-speaking players.

Many of the forum goers were waiting for one of the contacts from Nexon to address the situation: either to relay that gamers don’t want the censorship, or provide an answer as to why Nexon is choosing to censor the global version of MapleStory 2.

As of the writing of this article, the rep for Nexon has not replied to gamers.

Some believe this will be another case of Hyper Universe all over again, which also went through an identical problem. Nexon claimed that they needed to censor the game to reach a broader audience, but all it did in turn was kill the community before it got out of Early Access.

According to the Steam Charts, Hyper Universe can barely average 40 players a day.

Many abandoned the game after Nexon refused to budge on the censorship issue. Some gamers suggested a SJW toggle switch, so people who are easily offended can turn on or turn off the more risque material. However, Nexon’s public relations representatives stated that adding a toggle switch would defeat the purpose of the censorship.

After butting heads with fans over the issue, and refusing to budge on the matter, Nexon is now sitting on a game that can’t even peak at 100 players a day.

Many gamers are hoping that Nexon doesn’t repeat the same mistake with MapleStory 2, as a trail of negative news about censorship could end up hurting the playerbase before it even enters into open beta in the West.

(Thanks for the news tip Censored Gaming)


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