Marvel Comics’ Tamra Bonvillain Calls Comic Book Fans “Trash” For Supporting #ComicsGate
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

If you’ve grown exhausted with all of the sociopolitical warring, Twitter slapfights, and comic book creators lording over the fandom with belligerence, denigration and surliness, you’ve probably either stopped reading comics or likely joined #ComicsGate to support independent comic book artists. If you happen to be an individual who falls into the latter camp, Marvel Comics colorist, Tamra Bonvillain, thinks you’re “trash”.

In a tweet published on July 12th, 2018, Tamra Bonvillain, a colorist for comics such as Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur, America Chavez, and Exiles, as displayed on the Marvel comic book creators database, noted that #ComicsGate was “trash” and anyone supporting it is “trash”.

This was obviously followed by a number of tweets from those in the Social Justice Warrior community who agreed with Bonvillain, and those who have been supporting #ComicsGate who disagreed with Bonvillain.

This prompted for an article from Bounding Into Comics, where they called out Bonvillain for furthering the rift between creators and consumers by napalming the social media spaces with polemics.

Bonvillain responded on Twitter by telling those on social media to be “aware” of Bounding Into Comics for associating with #ComicsGate.

This insinuation led to some of Bonvillain’s followers to attempt to get support for Bounding Into Comics pulled by having publishers “freeze” them out of receiving review copies of new comic books.

After various comic book fans spoke up and reproached Bonvillain for wanting to disrupt Bounding Into Comics for simply supporting #ComicsGate, on July 14th, 2018 the Marvel colorist decided to clarify that being concerned about the state of comics is fine, so long as you don’t join the movements…

Most people joined #ComicsGate for the same reason they joined #GamerGate: they were tired of the status quo.

In the case of #GamerGate, it was about consumers revolting against corrupt journalists pushing their SJW ideology into the news and dogpiling on game developers who didn’t kowtow to the process of their Cultural Expropriation passed down from the towers of the Intersectional Inquisition.

Gamers fought back and dragged the Federal Trade Commission into the loop by getting them to reinforce ethical standards, which prompted various websites to update their ethics policies. Gamers also used Operation Disrespectful Nod to cull ad funding from sites that became actively hostile towards readers or violated the advertising standards and policies.

In the realm of #ComicsGate, a lot of fans were simply tired of the SJW propaganda pushed out by DC and Marvel (mostly Marvel). After sales tanked and Marvel cancelled a number of SJW comics, fans decided to put their money where the ink flows and fund independent comic books like Jawbreakers, Lonestar, and Cyberfrog to name a few. Various Social Justice Warriors were enraged at comic book fans supporting independent artists and writers, and have continued to attack the fandom as more and more of the old-school comic book readers leave Marvel and DC behind in order to support creators who actually care about the medium.

I attempted to reach out for comment, but Bonvillain has me blocked on Twitter.


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