Metal Gear Solid 5 Update Lets You Play As Quiet In FOB Missions
Metal Gear Solid 5 Quiet

Konami updated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, enabling gamers to play as Quiet in the FOB missions where you can infiltrate the bases of other players. She comes equipped with extra speed and is very stealthy for getting into and out of tight situations.

DualShockers picked up the news from Konami’s official website, where the company is desperately trying to lure gamers back into playing their titles after launching the failure that was Metal Gear Survive.

She has a steady hand so she has minimal shaking when sniping, and she has the unique jumping ability to leap over high steps.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain - Quiet Thong

The best reason to play the game as Quiet is obviously to see her in the bikini thong and tights. The update is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

Of course, PC gamers get the added benefit of simply playing Quiet with the nude mod. I mean, why just play her in FOB missions when you can swap her for Snake and strip her down into her birthday clothes (or lack thereof)?

The update also brought with it several new weapons and items to use, including the Renov-Ickx bis Sniper Rifle in a lethal and non-lethal form, along with the dark matter generator, a stun version of the dark matter generator, and an energy wall.

They fixed a couple of bugs but didn’t say what they were, and they added a new difficulty to the event FOBS, including a Hard mode. So now you can play with Quiet on the hardest setting available.

The update is available right now but the items added in the update will only unlock one after the other during the maintenance periods in the weeks to come. It’s an odd way to roll out new content, but I imagine this is Konami’s way to keep people playing a three year old game.


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