Mirror: The Lost Shards R18+ Uncensored Patch Download Now Available
Mirror The Lost Shard Uncensored

Kagami Works and SakuraGame released a new DLC patch for Mirror called Mirror: The Lost Shards. The DLC dropped back on July 26th, and like a hunter with a buckshot ready for deer season, there’s an uncensored R18+ patch available to download for the Mirror: The Lost Shards DLC to give your shard an opportunity to shine.

The patch can be downloaded for free. You can get the Windows version from Mega.nz. Or you can get the Mac version from Mega.nz.

Both versions will enable you to experience all of the joys and wonders that the four new DLC characters have to offer in Mirror.

If you need help installing the patch, there’s a guide available from SteamUncensored.

  1. You simply download the patch.
  2. You extract the contents of the zip file.
  3. Copy the DLCAsset file and paste it into the steamappscommonMirrorSave.

There you go, you’re done!

Mirror The Lost Shard - R18+

You’ll be able to enjoy all the fruits of Kagami Works’ labors, and see the seeds of joy sprout forth from the tunnel of happiness.

Now this patch makes the game fully uncensored. None of the fluids, anatomy, or interactions are censored. You’ll get the full-on experience of everything each of the four new maidens have to offer, and then some. This includes nudity and full-on sex scenes for Hill, Mafercca Rossi, Leah, and Madoka. However, only two girls are available as part of the DLC right now, while the other two will be made available this October. The DLC also comes with all new music for the original soundtrack, and all new stories, improved animations, and all new CGs.

Now keep in mind that this patch is only for the DLC of Mirror. This means that you need to have the full version of Mirror in order to access the uncensored bits from Mirror: The Lost Shards. If you need the original uncensored patch for the base game, you can grab it here.

The visual novel puzzle game is available right now. You can pick up the DLC for Mirror: The Lost Shards from the Steam store for $1.99.


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