Mojo: Hanako Strip-Puzzle Game Available On Steam For Free With Nude Patch
Mojo Hanoko

In the mood to strip a busty chick down to her bra and panties and ogle some of her curvy goods? Well, L. Stotch has you covered with the free-to-play puzzle game, Mojo: Hanako.

The game sees you playing through a number of puzzle challenges, and as you complete the challenges the main girl on the screen, Hanako, will proceed to lose her clothing. The strip-puzzle game is based on the 2048 puzzle title, where you must match up various puzzle pieces on different boards in order to strip Hanako of her clothes. It’s a rather strong impetus to keep playing and play to win.

You can see what the gameplay is like for this free-to-play puzzle title by checking out the trailer below.

The concept is really simple: as you rack up points and move the board around to score and progress through the level, Hanako will continue to lose her clothes.

The trailer showcases how you can strip her shirt off and get her down to her tight purple bra, but in the actual game you can go even further than that.

As pointed out by Monjax on the Steam forums, you can install the nude mod that will remove all of the game’s censorship and give you the full-on look at Hanako’s most prized possessions.

Simply open up the game’s main folder by right-clicking on “Properties” from within the Steam client, and then open the game folder location and go to the folder marked “Unlock”.

Copy the xxx.txt from the “Unlock” folder into the main folder where the game’s main .exe file is located.

Once you boot up the game you’ll be able to play the uncensored version of the game with the full nude patch. No need to download any additional files.

The best part about it is that the developer promises that the game will also move your I.Q., above 100+. So no matter what head you’re using, it will improve by leaps and bounds by playing Mojo: Hanako.

You can grab a free copy of the game right now from over on the Steam store.


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