Mukti Underscores Indian Heritage and a Very Persistent Social Issue

At first glance it might seem that Mukti’s premise bares very little relevance to the term’s Hindu, Buddhist and/or Jain connotations of spiritual freedom. At the same first glance the game’s trailer might also not seem to do it much justice.

What was supposed to be a routine excavation of the remains of the Pala Dynasty nestled within the Sundarban forests of West Bengal, India, ends up turning explorer Vikram Roy and his crew into fugitives as allegations of murder and theft hit nationwide news.

In mildly Lara Croft fashion however, Roy’s granddaughter Arya takes upon the onus of investigating said claims, locating his whereabouts and unearthing whatever conspiracy there is within the confines of a Museum of Indian Culture and Heritage.

While the trailer itself is fairly demonstrative of the thrills, suspense and exploratory segments Mukti intends to offer, it does a pretty poor job of illustrating the attention to detail of its visuals. Thankfully posts like these have begun to crop up across underDOGS’ social feeds.

"The Vedas room in the museum has a depiction of large body of knowledge texts originating in the ancient Indian subcontinent."(images here are the real in-game screens)#mukti #gamemukti #indiegame

Posted by Mukti on Saturday, July 21, 2018

But why is that of any importance? First-person mystery adventure aside, Mukti also intends to meticulously educate its audience in Indian history, culture and mythology. The Museum is more than a backdrop for its plot; of British, Islamic and Hindu architecture, its interconnected rooms contain very realistic replicas of Indus Valley relics, paintings from the Dark Ages, pottery, porcelain and weaponry.

The team claims over eighteen hours in the crafting of each historical, cultural, linguistic, political and ethnic exhibit, the study of which players may commit themselves to by visiting the Museum’s various sections in an organized manner.

We are working on the lighting for every room in the museum. Here are couple of snaps. Please let know your thoughts,…

Posted by Mukti on Saturday, September 30, 2017

This open-world element comes punctuated with scripted trigger points that although not being confined to specific locations, serve to urge a linear narrative forward. The theme of this narrative being the ever-persistent issue of child prostitution and sex trafficking that continues to plague the country.

Hence, Mukti.

Rather than resort to graphic displays of AAA violence however, it’s boldly adopting the use of Expressionism inspired paintings in its cutscenes to drive home its message. With no definite release date, Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch release plans are indicated.


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