N4G Bans Video Discussing Naughty Dog’s SJW Agenda

N4G Bans

One of the hot topics of the week has been a video by YouTuber RobinGaming discussing Naughty Dog’s SJW agenda. The 20 minute long video has been deemed controversial by various discussion forums, including ResetEra and VGChartz, both of whom have promptly censored discussions surrounding the video and its content. Another site joins in on the effort to squelch dissent, N4G.

N4G is a gaming news aggregator. If it’s news about gaming, users can submit it and if other users find it useful they can approve it for everyone to see on the site. It’s similar to other social media aggregators like Digg or Reddit.

One user attempted to submit the original video from RobinGaming titled “The Naughty Dog Agenda”. The user originally submitted the YouTube link directly to Robin’s video. The mods at N4G deleted it on the grounds that you can’t link directly to YouTube videos that aren’t from official developer channels.

The submission was failed.

The user tried again to submit the content, this time linking to a website. However, it, too, was failed on the grounds that the moderator considered the website a YouTube link and therefore was not permissible.

On the pending page where the submission was failed, three other users disagreed with the moderator for failing the article since it did follow the rules, but no change has been made as of the writing of this article.

Technically, what the mod did actually goes against N4G’s own rules.

Over on the rules page there is a specific section about linking to YouTube content and submitting it to N4G.

If you’re unable to read it, the rules for posting videos states…

“When posting videos avoid linking directly to videos on YouTube or a similar service. You should only post videos if the content of the video is professionally made and of interest to the community. User made videos can only be posted if other big websites or blogs have posted them; making them newsworthy. When posting videos, they should be embedded on the N4G submission when embed codes are provided. Videos from YouTube, IGN, GameTrailers, and Gamespot almost always provide embed codes to users.”

In this case, when the user attempted to resubmit the video linking it to an article on a website, the moderators still failed it, citing that he linked directly to YouTube, even though he followed the guidelines by submitting a link to a website and then included the video as an embed.

What’s more is that in the original submission, one of the users claims that the video was “not permitted” on N4G for whatever reason.

RobinGaming is a verified YouTuber with more than 100,000 subscribers, so it’s not a low-count or unknown channel.

Robin’s video was about exposing a pattern of behavior exhibited by Naughty Dog’s staff that many feel align with the SJW agenda of pushing propaganda in gaming. You can see the video below, which is well reasoned and argues from both sides of the debate.

However, various communities where management leans Left have decided to ban the video from being discussed within the community all in hopes of preventing people from being exposed to Naughty Dog’s SJW agenda.

This kind of censorship from N4G regarding topic matter that doesn’t align with their views is nothing new. During the height of #GamerGate multiple articles were prohibited from being posted on N4G. This resulted in the administrator changing the rules on the fly to ensure that certain #GamerGate articles would not be allowed on the news aggregator.

The rules were also extended to prohibit certain topical matters. When the gaming website TheGG.net attempted to interview game developer Mark Kern, the N4G administrator initially banned the article because Kern was asked about Social Justice Warriors. After a public showdown on Twitter, the administrator finally allowed the interview with Kern to be posted, but then modified the rules again in order to prevent the topic of SJWs from being allowed on N4G.

As evident with the prohibiting of Robin’s video on the gaming news aggregator, it’s pretty obvious the administrators don’t want the community discussing Naughty Dog’s agenda.

(Thanks for the news tip Anon)

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