Naughty Dog’s SJW Agenda Gets Called Out By YouTube’s RobinGaming
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Verified YouTuber RobinGaming has been a big fan and supporter of Naughty Dog over the years, but he’s had enough. While he tried to ignore the slow growing tumor of SocJus, metastasizing within Naughty Dog’s culture, he eventually reached a breaking point where he had to call out the company’s SJW agenda.

In a video published on July 1st, 2018 titled “The Naughty Dog ‘Agenda’ – An Honest, Open Conversation”, Robin methodically goes through the evidence of Naughty Dog’s descent into the cult of Social Justice Warriors. The video is 20 minutes long, laced with clips, evidence, tweets, and testimonies from various Naughty Dog staff members and employees who have adopted the very caustic activism that has fractured the video game industry.

He starts off the video by going over his history with Naughty Dog and how much he loves their games. He notes that after Amy Hennig left the company he began to see signs of Naughty Dog adopting the SJW agenda slowly but surely under Neil Druckmann’s leadership.

While Druckmann has repeatedly praised Feminist Frequency and openly admitted to changing the ending of Uncharted 4 from Nathan Drake having a son to Drake having a daughter – so that if the series continues it will likely be a female that takes over and not a male – after watching Anita Sarkeesian’s videos, it wasn’t enough to entirely convince Robin.

Like most fans, at first Robin was somewhat in denial, but it was a steady build-up of comments made on social media by Naughty Dog staff, frequent anti-white and anti-hetero sentiments made by the developers, and the explosively controversial video for The Last of Us 2 at E3 this year that really helped seal the deal.

First Robin goes through Naughty Dog consistently reinforcing the notion that Nadine and Chloe’s relationship from Uncharted is more than platonic, as pointed out by JStationX.

Nadine and Chloe’s relationship isn’t displayed within the game’s canon as being anything more than friends. However, the insinuation of them being romantically involved across Naughty Dog’s social media accounts was more than enough to set off Robin’s red flags.

This was followed by tweets from one of the actors in The Last of Us Part 2, who plays one of the new characters in the game named Lev. On the Twitter profile for Ian Alexander, there is a lot of anti-white sentiments and racism.

There’s a lot more anti-Trump, anti-white, anti-Conservative sentiments shared on Alexander’s feed, almost similar to Manveer Heir’s Twitter account leading up to the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

There was also the instance of a lighting artist at Naughty Dog named Boon Cotter who also attacked anti-SJW gamers, saying that Naughty Dog doesn’t make games for anti-SJWs.

There was also the instance where The Last of Us 2‘s creative director, Neil Druckmann, also said that the more people pushed back against Naughty Dog’s diversity agenda, the more he would add diversity to the games.

Robin also points out that the panels for The Last Us 2 during PSX was hosted by someone who didn’t know anything about the gaming industry but was brought on to interview Naughty Dog and the cast of characters from The Last of Us 2 because she was part of the LGBTQ community.

It’s literally putting identitarianism ahead of qualifications.

The icing on the cake was Ellie’s lesbian kiss being the focal point of the E3 trailer for The Last of Us 2 that aired during Sony’s press conference.

It wasn’t that people had an issue with lesbians – heck, some of our most popular content involves lesbians – it was that the kiss had no context; the character Ellie was kissing was presented without context; and the violence on display that followed had nothing whatsoever to do with the kiss we witnessed moments earlier. There was some very obvious contextual dissonance between the kiss and the gameplay that followed, and anyone who brings this up are shouted down as “homophobic”.

As many others have pointed out, most other big E3 trailers presented during major conferences don’t even involve heterosexual kissing. Usually romance is put on the back burner in order to focus on selling gamers on the game’s world.

In this case, Naughty Dog wanted to purposefully focus on the kiss in the trailer; something that they had to spend a lot of time, money and resources on building. Druckmann described  what was required of the team to make the kiss happen during the E3 Coliseum panel with IGN’s Lucy O’Brien.

Druckmann explained…

“[…] I have to give a lot of credit to our animators… that have kind of stuck with that reference footage [for the kiss] and had to touch things, and our riggers had to develop whole new tech for the face – and like the way Ellie’s nose squishes and the cheeks move against each other – that’s all tech we didn’t have before. Just to be able to create a scene like that.”

A scene without context.

Even Lucy O’Brien asked repeatedly what the “setting” was and “where are we?” in reference to what we were seeing between Ellie and Dinah. The setup made no sense. Regardless, Druckmann dodges the question by simply saying that Ellie is in Jackson at a community event, without disclosing much more than that.

Even though the dancing and kissing scene doesn’t make any sense, O’Brien still praised Naughty Dog for displaying it front and center during E3, saying…

“Finally, I just want to thank you all so much – and also I just want to thank you on behalf of the LGBTQ community for actually being so bold, and putting that out there on the E3 stage. I thought that was one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen.”

The SJW community has been sending Naughty Dog praises for the kiss as well, even though no one can properly explain why the kiss exactly had to be the centerpiece of the E3 trailer.

Robin makes the salient point in his video that no one can question Naughty Dog at this point without the Social Justice Warrior community ripping them to shreds with ad hominems consisting of the typical buffet of invectives, labeling critics as: sexist, racist, misogynistic, transphobes.

You’re either all-in or you’re a bigot.

It’s identical to any of the criticisms leveled at the upcoming Battlefield V, where the developers are labeling anyone who doesn’t agree with EA’s very obvious SJW agenda as “uneducated”, as well as having certain communities censor discussions that don’t align with the SJW agenda.

What’s worse is that those who claim to be moderate or anti-SJW have also begun blanketing critics of the SJW agenda at E3 as “neckbeards”.

We’re seeing the dissolution of discussion in favor of the very obvious partisan sociopolitics at play.

You’re either with them or against them.

Anyone and everyone who questions the newfound orthodoxy of the Intersectional Inquisition and their stalwart Social Justice Oberkommando Oppressors are labeled as the enemy.

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