Naughty Kingdom, Uncensored Harem Sim Available On Nutaku For Free
Naughty Kingdom

There’s a brand new uncensored dating sim with role-playing elements and puzzle mini-games to complete that’s free-to-play over on Nutaku right now called Naughty Kingdom. The game is a fantasy adventure where you attempt to bang as many hookers, fairies, mages, and female hunters as possible.

You basically take on the role of an adventure who must battle enemies and hot chicks that can be “conquered” through a puzzle game. You’ll accompany the virgin Lycia as she attempts to save the kingdom after it’s come under danger from an oppressive force of monsters.

You’ll need to work with Lycia and join up with hookers, big-breasted adventurers, and hot-bodied mages in order to build out an awesome harem of lusty chicks full of burning desire.

Naughty Kingdom - Mage

This is the sort of game that would make all those game journalists salty at a game featuring a bunch of beautiful chicks featured in hot sex scenes. The game sports boob armor, scantily clad warriors, and a bunch of damsels in distress wearing barely-there clothing.

The game also features interactive dialogue sequences where you’ll be able to talk to all the lovely ladies and hot chicks you’ll encounter. The dialogue options are honest male-talk… the options are filled with testosterone and only reflect what a true alpha male would say. No soy options, no beta dialogue, no male feminist raping going on… just pure red-blooded American chauvinism on display, the way nature intended it.

Now if you want to take the hotdog of anticipation and put it into the digital bun of excitement, you’ll end up with meal of unfiltered, uncensored adventures and excitement in Naughty Kingdom. Be sure to pay a visit to the Nutaku Store page to collect hot pictures of your harem, and unlock a gallery of marriage-ruining CG images that will satisfy you in ways that your significant other can only manage in your wildest dreams.

For more info or to take a dive into Naughty Kingdom, throw on the private browser, log into your account, and hit up the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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