Nexon Confirms MapleStory 2 Global Release Won’t Be Censored
MapleStory 2 Censorship

After an outcry and some negative feedback from the community circles surrounding the censorship global release of MapleStory 2, Nexon has finally come forward to confirm that they will not be censoring MapleStory 2 for the global release.

Censored Gaming spotted an update from a moderator over on the MapleStory 2 forums, where they linked to a blog post published on July 17th, 2018 from the game’s producer, who explained…

“We noticed there were discussions regarding the item models of the game, with some players wondering which item models we will be using for our service. We can confirm today that our version of MapleStory 2 will be using the original versions from the Korean MapleStory 2.”

This was also reiterated during a recent livestream that Nexon held over on their Twitch channel featuring the second closed beta for MapleStory 2.

During the stream, community manager “Cuddles” addressed the issue by stating…

“So, this is sort of a really big topic that has been happening on the forums, Discord – all of our social channels – and that’s the concern about censorship. So I kind of vaguely talked about this on the forums, I said ‘Hey look out for the producer blog, we’re gonna address this’.


“So what I’m gonna do is give you the short answer to the censorship question, and the answer is: No. The game is not going to be censored. It’s going to follow the Korean service – if you guys have looked at it before, if you’re familiar with it – we’re going to be following that, as far as content goes. So no, no censorship.”

This finally puts to rest the issue about censorship, which had become rather serious in the MapleStory 2 community. It all began when images of the global version of the game were released and images of the South Korean version of the game were released, and gamers noticed that the clothes were more censored in the global version, and the skin color of one of the characters were changed.

Many saw it as Nexon looking to repeat the Hyper Universe fiasco, where the core community found out about the censorship and asked kindly if it could be removed. Nexon denied the request. Gamers then asked if an SJW toggle switch could be added, so anyone who gets offended at seeing luscious boobs, voluptuous women, or tantalizing cleavage could just flip the switch on and not have to see the fantastic Korean art the way it was meant to be seen. However, Nexon denied this request as well, saying that if they added an SJW toggle switch it would defeat the purpose of censorship.

Hyper Universe launched and subsequently failed shortly thereafter, with a rather sparse user base after word spread about the censorship.

This time around Nexon is taking a different approach to the situation, and decided to nip the complaints in the bud by actually giving gamers what they wanted: the uncensored version of MapleStory 2.

The cross will still be blue in the Western version to avoid any trademark disputes with the Red Cross organization, but everything else will stay the same as the Korean version.

You can learn more about MapleStory 2 or sign-up for the beta by visiting the official website.

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