Pilot Sports Is A Pilot Wings Clone Headed To Nintendo Switch, PS4 This September
Pilot Sports

German developer Z-Software and publisher Wild River announced that the cartoony racing challenge game, Pilot Sports, will launch later this year for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 starting in September.

The game is a party-based racer designed with colorful visuals, and with the intention of drawing laughs and mirth from gamers.

The gameplay is very similar to the Pilot Wings games from way back in the day on the Nintendo home consoles, challenging players to fly through a series of different courses, challenging your reflexes and skill level across a number of different aerial disciplines, including hang-gliders, airplanes, jetpacks, and parachutes.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what Pilot Sports is all about.

Wild River and Z-Software’s Pilot Sports looks like it came out of the Wii U era but with all the charm and simplicity of a Wii game. Some of the animations for the parachuting looks kind of stiff, but the airplanes and hang-gliders seem to operate rather smoothly.

You can tell it’s obviously designed as a throwback to the N64 version of Pilot Wings 64, but made for casual audiences of today.

A lot of the challenges are almost identical to Pilot Wings, where you’ll need to sky-dive through rings to collect points and then pull the parachute at the right moment to stick the landing.

The jetpack gameplay consists of gliding through the challenge courses while altering the height and speed of your propulsion.

There are 50 different courses to play through, eight playable characters to choose from, and bonus courses to unlock across seven different challenge modes. The game also supports 1 – 4 player local split-screen play.

As mentioned, you can look for Pilot Sports to launch for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 starting this September.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.


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