Playground Games Hires Devs From BioWare, EA Motive And More For Upcoming RPG

Microsoft announced it had acquired the Forza Horizon studio, Playground Games, during E3 2018. Well, the developer has recruited heads from other studios such as BioWare, Rocksteady Games, Ninja Theory, Guerrilla Games, and EA’s Motive studio, which is all for an upcoming unannounced RPG.

The following information comes from publication site The website lists the devs now working for Playground Games, including Noel Lukasewich, Rob den Dekker, Scotty Brown, Chris Goodall, Joe McKernan and Martin Lancaster (clockwise from top left):

Firstly, Noel Lukasewich will be working on this mystery game as the lead environment artist. He has spent many years of his career at BioWare and while at said place, Lukasewich worked on all four Mass Effect games, including a number of DLC for the original trilogy.

Next up is the lead technician, Rob den Dekker, a former Ninja Theory staff member. Dekker is best known for working at NaturalMotion, Microsoft, Lionhead, and Testology while testing games like Fable, Fable 2, Little Big Planet and Forza Horizon 2.

The publication site also notes that principal environment artist Scotty Brown — who held the same position at EA Motive — will help out with this mystery game, too. His contribution can be traced back to the notorious Star Wars Battlefront 2, where before that he worked at places such as BioWare, EA, and Midway Games.

As for Chris Goodall, his work can be traced to Ninja Theory. As of now, he’s assuming the role of the principal animator on this project and has since worked on Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Devil May Cry (2013), and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Returning after a four-year break comes lead UI artist Joe McKernan. His previous work dates back to the first two Forza Horizon games, where he later went to work on Horizon Zero Dawn (at Guerrilla Games), and help Bungie with Destiny 2.

And lastly, narrative director Martin Lancaster joins the fray. Working with Rocksteady Studios, where he helped with the more recent Batman games, Arkham Knight and Arkham VR, Lancaster is now apart of Playground Games.

With all of that said, what are your thoughts on Playground Games hires for its secretive open-world action RPG? You can learn more about the aforesaid hires by hitting up


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