Power Rangers X Street Fighter Live-Action Short Film Coming This Fall
Power Rangers X Street Fighter

Capcom, LionsGate, Hasbro and nWay have all teamed up together for the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game crossover with Street Fighter. Capcom let nWay borrow their assets from Street Fighter V, and nWay has combined them for an epic cross-branded clash you never knew you wanted. But wait, it gets even better! The companies have also teamed up with Qualcomm, G-Fuel, and Bat In The Sun to produce a live-action short film that explains the story crossover between the two mega-brands.

The live-action announcement came during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con event, where they released a minute and a half long teaser trailer for Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown, which is the name of the live-action short featuring Ryu and Chun-Li teaming up with the Power Rangers to fight M. Bison. They even managed to get Jason David Frank to make a return to form as Tommy to fight alongside Ryu. You can check it out below.

The teaser trailer ends with Tommy yelling out the classic line “It’s Morphin’ Time!”

Obviously, the hype for this sent a tizzy swirling through the minds of spazzed out fanboys. The comment section lit up with discussions and talk about power levels, Ryu’s power gains as a Ranger, and his abilities.

The thing is, there is no speculation required because the live-action film is going to feature Ryu as the Ryu Ranger who was recently added into the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile video game. You can check out Ryu in the form of a Power Ranger and some of his awesome new moves courtesy of a trailer that the developers rolled out.

The fighting in the game looks pretty good, and a lot of gamers were excited to see how Ryu would fare with cosmic powers, and now you get to see it… or better yet, play it for yourself.

It doesn’t sound like the collaborations or crossovers will end anytime soon. Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay explained in the press release that the game is booming and they have more in store for gamers…

“With more than 36 million installations and 500 million matches played, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has truly created its own universe and it only continues to grow in popularity,”


“In addition to a AAA game with a large and growing player base and esports scene, we’re introducing one-of-a-kind crossovers and collaborations, as well as creating brand new characters between titles. Nobody has seen anything like the Ryu Ranger before.”

Ryu Ranger is available right now for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. The full short film for the crossover will be available at some point this fall.

You can check out the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars app by visiting the official website.

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