Rainbow Cult Has Players Defeating SJWs And Stripping Them Of Victim Bux
Rainbow Cult

An upcoming game called Rainbow Cult from Death Hill Games sees players taking on the role of an office worker, attempting to scale the progressive corporate stack at a fictional tech company called Oogle. The game is based on the current day topical matter that has very much torn the world asunder due to the dictatorial politics of Social Justice Warriors.

The description for the game lays out the basic gist of the gameplay, explaining…

“Rainbow Cult is a twisted journey into the minds causing culture clashes across America and Europe. Beat them at their own game in a satirical yet informative adventure, stealing as many victimbux as you can along the way.”

The gameplay sees players making their way through the Oogle offices, attempting to avoid the Social Justice Warriors that take offense to everything. You can use your abilities to trap them in a hug box or a safe space, and even jingle some of their victim bux out of them as you progress through the levels. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The graphics are obviously lo-fi, so if you’re into that sort of thing then it might appeal to you.

The gameplay is described by Death Hill Games as the equivalent to figuring out the boss fights in the old World of Warcraft expansions, where you need to observe and adapt as you attempt to find ways to defeat the bosses across the 13 different floors.

If you’re successful you can reach higher floors and unlock harder enemies, and if you’re successful in accomplishing that task you’ll be able to reach the rooftop where there are two additional difficulty modes.

There is a different ending for each playthrough especially after you defeat all of the bosses.

This will be a true test of if Valve will stand by their word about not being the “taste police”.

If you’re curious about Rainbow Cult, you can wishlist it or follow it in preparation for its release by visiting the Steam store page.


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