Rainbow Six: Siege Video Highlights How Ban System Is Being Used For Trolling
Rainbow Six Bans

Ubisoft decided to make a bunch of American slang words ban-worthy in Rainbow Six: Siege. A number of these words have different meanings in different countries, so sometimes some people have mistakenly used them only to get banned, very similar to how Warframe was banning players for saying “trap”.

Well, one YouTuber decided to make a quick six minute video highlighting how Ubisoft’s new ban system for Rainbow Six: Siege is being manipulated to troll and how people are basically getting banned for asking questions, for making typos, and sometimes for using phrases that have different meanings in their own native language. Essentially, Ubisoft has decided that if you don’t speak English you aren’t worthy of having your language differences taken into consideration.

You can check out the video below from NJOverclocked.

The video rolls out a number of examples of people getting banned for using a word that Ubisoft has deemed “offensive” in the M-rated game.

As showcased in the video, some of the people being banned are being tempted into saying words that are prohibited, others are simply unaware that Ubisoft has such a vicious policy on profanity and mistakenly fell into the trap of typing the word only to get banned.

In fact, the whole language discrepancy – with Ubisoft banning foreign players for using innocuous words in their language that translates into slurs in English – has even managed to get its own thread on the Rainbow Six: Siege sub-reddit.

User tredbobek offered a post in the “feedback” section trying to get Ubisoft to admit that they “messed up”…

“Chat ban not considering foreign languages, messing up with whether a glitch is a feature or not etc.


“People mess up. I mess up, my colleagues mess up, everybody messes up. But staying quiet and implementing stuff that messes up even more is not the way. That way you lose respect.


“Just say it with me:


“I messed up. I’m sorry. I will fix it.”

A number of words that aren’t even slurs are also banned and will get you banned, such as “suicide”. One user, BBQ_HaX0r just came out and said that the whole ban-wave on “toxicity” is getting “absurd”…

“The word suicide is banned? I almost need a list so I don’t accidentally say some of this shit and end up with a ban. This is getting absurd. I’m an old man I don’t know half the shit kids say these days.”

Most gamers have asked why exactly players can’t just mute other players who say offensive things?

Ubisoft is instead intent on socially engineering communication by culling different forms of communication, even if people are saying certain slurs as a joke amongst friends.

As noted over on the Ubisoft blog, any kind of language they deem “illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist, ethically offensive or constituting harassment” is forbidden from being used in the game and will result in a 27 minute ban for the first offense, and a 24-hour ban for the next offense, followed by a week long ban, and potentially a permanent ban depending on how many “toxic” offenses you commit.

Ubisoft seems intent on following in the footsteps of Blizzard and their draconian community policing that they’ve applied to Overwatch. We don’t know what the playerbase or engagement numbers look like for Overwatch these days, but it will be interesting to see how these despotic methods will affect the playerbase of Rainbow Six: Siege.

(Thanks for the news tip Quickshooter)

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