Rainswept Heads To IndieGoGo To Wrap Up Development In Time For 2019 Release

Frostwood Studios’ Rainswept is complete. It’s a game that’s playable from start to finish, according to the developer. One might ask “Well, why is this game heading to a crowdfunding platform if it’s complete?” It’s because the developer wants to add additional polish and quality control to the game before release, and it seems to be a viable way to do so without entering into Early Access on Steam.

One Angry Gamer’s own Sean Braganza is attached to the promotion of Rainswept, and decided to recuse himself from the self-promotion efforts, but I’m not attached to the game so I don’t have any qualms about plugging the final push for Rainswept’s development through a short two-week IndieGoGo campaign.

According to Frostwood developer Armaan Sandhu, it’s just a matter of touching up a few elements before the game is readied for a 2019 release, saying in the press release…

‘Rainswept can be played from start to end, but I now need to plug-in the holes by adding elements to make the world feel more alive, polishing various aspects of writing, animations, graphics, UI, and testing for quality assurance,’


‘All acquired funds will not only ensure maximum quality of the final product but will also help with keeping its release schedule.’

At the moment the game has a minimalist art-style that attempts to chip away at the flashy, gaudy designs of some games and focus more on the narrative characterizations of Detective Anderson and the various individuals involved with the murder of a couple in a small town.

You can check out the pitch video below to get an idea of what Frostwood Interactive is going for.

This isn’t one of those bombastic stories about saving the world, but is more like a classic detective tale themed around a double murder and the events that led up to the tragic moment for the couple of Pineview village.

The game reminds me a lot of A Night In The Woods, but with an extra element of surrealism.

Frostwood is looking to accrue $4,000 over the course of 15 days to complete the mystery point-and-click title. We don’t get many hard-nose detective games these days so for gamers who appreciate murder-mysteries it might be worth checking out.

You can learn more about Rainswept by visiting the IndieGoGo page. Alternatively, you can grab the free demo and play the game for yourself in order to get an idea of what it’s like. The demo is available through the links over on the official website.


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