ResetEra Bans Discussion Of Naughty Dog’s Agenda
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If you want to talk about Social Justice Warriors and Naughty Dog in the same sentence, you won’t be able to do it on ResetEra. Someone created a thread for the topic over on the socially dystopian forum, but it was met with the quick and effective nuclear option employed by the site’s administrator, which included closing the thread after only four people posted a comment.

The thread’s closure was made public thanks to RobinGaming tweeting about it online.

If you visit the actual thread, which went up shortly after RobinGaming’s video on July 1st, 2018, it doesn’t even have time to get started before the administrator SweetNicole hops in and shuts it down.

Before the topic could really get started, it gets censored.

But this is par the course for this particular topic.

Over on Twitter there’s quite the hullabaloo going on regarding the video.

Activists on the Left are shouting it down as reactionary nonsense, while some of those in the center and on the Right are saying that it’s a well-reasoned piece that explores the issues of Naughty Dog veering off into the deep end of the SJW spectrum.

The 20 minute video discusses the nuance of the political sliding that Naughty Dog has been doing over the years, which has led to fanboys like Robin realizing that the company has begun pushing the envelop on the SJW agenda to the point of it becoming uncomfortable.

Some fans still refuse to acknowledge it, others have noted that this has been going on for a while, especially after former creative director Amy Hennig was outed from the studio.

Even attempting to discuss this subject on ResetEra is verboten, as the forum has a hard Left stance on all sociopolitical subject matter. And in this case, since Naughty Dog is adamant about promoting Social Justice, it means ResetEra isn’t going to allow criticisms or court discussion from its community regarding Naughty Dog’s intentions.

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