Rumors Speculate Apple May Release New iPad Pro This Year
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Last year at Apple’s WWDC event, the company announced it would release three new iPads, a 9.7-inch, a 10.5-inch, and a 12.9-inch iPad. The 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch were released in 2017, and the 9.7-inch launched in March of this year. Talk has it that Apple might release a new iPad Pro referred to as “Modern iPad” later this year, possibly during its upcoming September event.

Just before Apple’s WWDC event started in June, rumors and talks have begun circulating that the company was planning to release a new iPad Pro, many believed Apple would announce this new iPad at the June event, unfortunately there was no announcement of a new iPad. Instead, Apple focused attention on its new software system iOS 12 during this event.

Talk has it that the new iOS 12 beta-1 hinted that changes to the iPad interface would occur in the upcoming iOS 12 fall release, the change seems to center around the iPad interface would match the iPhone X, users have to swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Home screen, and swipe down from the top right to see Control Center. If this is the case, it would mean Apple has plans on removing the Home button from at least one or maybe two iPads in the near future.

According to 9-to-5 Mac, former security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated he expected to see the iPad Pro with Face ID in the second half of 2018, Kuo had a prediction accuracy of being 95% correct, and if he’s correct, consumers should expect Apple to debut a redesign iPad for the upcoming September event.

Here are some of the new features that are rumored for Apple’s “Modern iPad” to sport, look for an edge-to-edge screen, replacing Touch ID with Face ID, TrueDepth Camera for Animoji and Face ID, it seems iOS 12 will bring AvatarKit.

Recently reported on Mac World, Apple was granted a patent for a Dual Display, which seems to fit either for the iPad or Mac, some believe there is a possibility for a second display on an iPad, it seems the second screen would be used as a touchpad-style keyboard — others suggest it could be used with the MacBook in the future (Note: Apple has applied for numerous patents and many have yet to be applied to current products, so the last rumor should be taken with a grain of salt).

At this point, here is a list of features that have not been rumored to change: it seems the iPad Pro will still stay the same as far as size is concerned. The smaller one 10.5 and the larger one 12.9-inches; users shouldn’t expect wireless charging, or a change in the processor, which is currently either an A10X processor or A11 processor. And the resolution for the iPad Pro will probably stay the same. As the rumors and talks continue to surface, look for future updates on the Apple iPad.

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