RUSH, Downhill Wingsuit Racing Game Coming Soon For VR Headsets

The Binary Hill’s RUSH is prepping for release this July. We don’t know when exactly it’s coming but it’s coming soon. The game is a downhill, wingsuit racing title where you compete across 90 different tracks against the computer or against other players in online bouts.

You’ll race through a number of different environments, including canyons, snowy mountaintops, outcrops, and sheer drops. You’ll need to be able to master the movement of weaving through the checkpoints on your way down to the finish line.

Given that the game is designed for both seated and standing play, I do wonder how the controls are and if you’ll need to use the wands like a glider and outstretch yourself to weave in and out of turns or if it’s one of those games where you just tilt your head left and right to turn?

Either way, there’s a gameplay trailer that you can check out below that gives you a good heads-up on what to expect from the upcoming title.

The game originally launched for mobile devices for Samsung’s Gear VR, but The Binary Hill is now fixing to release it on Steam for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Unlike the Gear VR version, they added 30 additional courses to the line-up for more replayability and track variety.

Visually it’s an okay looking game, with passably decent looking textures and lighting effects. The real hook for the game will be whether or not the gameplay is solid and gives you that real feeling of rushing through the mountains and weaving through the pine trees at terminal velocity.

RUSH will come with three different game modes and multiplayer that supports up to four players.

Unlike Binary Hill’s Gun Club VR, which is actually a really fun and pretty cool game, RUSH will not be entering into Early Access on Steam. The developers plan on launching the game in full and giving gamers the entire product right out of the gate. You can keep track of RUSH by visiting the Steam store page.


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