Sakura No Mori Dreams R18+ Uncensored Patch Available For Download
Sakura no Mori + Dreamers

Moonstone and Hikari Field’s Sakura no Mori + Dreams came out back in December of 2017. The visual novel takes a deep dive into the surrealism of love, sex, and horror. For those of you who want the true experience, you’ll be able to download the free R18+ uncensored patch for the game right now.

The patch is available for download from the Appending Pulse.

If you need help installing the patch, there’s a guide available over on

  1. The process involves downloading the file above.
  2. Opening up the Steam folder for the game by opening the Steam client and right clicking on properties and then clicking on the “Browse Local Files” tab.
  3. When the folder is opened up, unzip the contents of the uncensored patch into the game installation folder.
  4. Overwrite the existing files to finish up the installation process.

That’s it, you’re done.

Sakura no Mori Dreamers Uncensored Patch

The visual novel is about a dude named Shinji Fukigami who loses his family in an accident. However, during the accident Shinji gained the ability to see “devils”. Years later after falling in love with his childhood love interest, Madoka Akitsu, she ends up being brutally murdered.

Years later, Shinji seems to have an absolutely horrific curse on him because while he’s in school, all of his beautiful classmates who take interest in him end up murdered, too.

Some guys have horrible luck and can’t get a date, this dude Shinji can use his otaku pheromones to attract hotties but they all end up dead.

Anyway, Shinji ends up joining up with some other hot chicks in a group known as the “Sakura no Mori † Dreamers”. They attempt to investigate and stop the evil devils from snuffing out the lives of the hot chicks in the small town.

This would have made for an awesome fantasy-action gore-flick back in the 1980s.

Unfortunately there is no English release for the game, but you can always pay a visit to official website and politely contact the developers in hopes of them potentially making an English language patch. Otherwise you can settle for scrubbing your way through the visual novel with the uncensored patch while not knowing a darn thing the characters are saying.

The game is also available right now over on the Steam store.


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