SJWs Attempt To Get Artist Shadman Banned From Twitter

The Social Justice Warrior mob on Twitter have coalesced together under a banner of activism to remove artist Shadman from Twitter. He’s managed to gather quite the following for comically delving into taboo subject matter with his drawings, most of which are lewd. The Twitter SJW crowd hate his drawings and decided to make up a lie that he was a Nazi in order to get him banned.

The most recent incident originally started after he began posting comical innuendo themed around the world cup, The Incredibles 2, and a few other topics.

After posting the comics, various Social Justice Warriors began targeting him for his drawings, claiming that he was drawing child porn and that he dressed like a Nazi. Shadman made the following post on July 11th, 2018.

Nevertheless, the Social Justice crowd were still angered at Shadbase and went out of their way to paint him in a negative light and rile up the SJW crowd.

Shortly thereafter Shadbase’s Twitter account was temporarily suspended on July 14th, 2018 after it was mass reported.

Despite the reports, Twitter actually couldn’t find anything on Shadman’s account that consisted of Nazism or child pornography. Hours later his account was restored after the false-flagging attempt.

Just a day before, on July 13th, 2018, Shadman explained that he had been drawing controversial stuff for years, and has been sharing his work on Twitter since 2013. He also notes that he doesn’t post child porn and doesn’t dress like a Nazi.

The typical crowd of unstable individuals who hate anything that they don’t approve of decided to flood Twitter with obscenities and hate directed toward the artist.

This also brought out a number of people who also had their own qualms about the art industry, specifically the Japanese manga and anime industry.

An Italian cosplayer and artist hopped on the bandwagon to get people riled up about Japanese artists, claiming that lolicon and other similar styles needed to stop being endorsed.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Shadman has been suspended from Twitter due to a flagrant abuse of the report system on Twitter by Social Justice Warriors. Back in March of 2017 he was also briefly suspended as well, and he chronicled the event in a video on YouTube.

A similar situation also happened with another artist going by the handle of OhNips!, where she was harassed by SJWs for doing a gender-bender art piece based on the characters from the game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. Another female artist was also harassed nearly to the point of suicide by SJWs because of art she did of Steven Universe, as chronicled by KnowYourMeme.

There are some that continue to persist that Social Justice Warriors don’t exist, but when you see people taking offense to artists because of what they draw and attempt to get them banned for no other reason than because they don’t like them, it’s rather obvious that Social Justice Warriors aren’t the innocent group of people as portrayed by Leftist media.

(Thanks for the news tip Kyuryon)


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