Skyrim Dev Tells ResetEra That It’s Become A Hostile, Unwelcoming Environment
Skyrim ResetEra

ResetEra is forum only for far-Left leaning individuals who hate President Donald Trump, who agree with third-wave feminism, and who adhere to admonishing anyone who doesn’t agree with the media’s narrative that all straight white males are evil and women are weak damsels in distress. Anyone who steps out of line gets banned. This totalitarian policy has become so overbearing that even a verified developer who works at Bethesda decided to speak out against it.

The comment came on page 39 of a 46 page thread about “Era’s Women Problem”, which was basically a purity test to weed out anyone who isn’t flagrantly in line with the authoritarian Left’s agenda.

Twitter user Mombot caught wind of the Skyrim developer pushing back at the idea that ResetEra needs to start banning more members who don’t align with their ideological preference,. On July 26th, 2018 the developer wrote…

”That’s a fair judgement. If they don’t feel comfortable who am I to judge?


“But from the other side here, I (and many others) think the moderation is way too harsh. There are often bans with no clear indication as to why, and often because they disagree with the established superstar posters. There’s little room for discussion on many topics, so anyone who knows better just doesn’t post.


“I know many people, industry and otherwise, who refuse to post here because it’s seen as a hostile and unwelcoming environment.”

Like clockwork, there were a number of posts accusing the developer of the very thing that he mentioned was the very reason why other developers don’t post on the forums.

A number of posters also tried luring the developer into a Kafka-trap, trying to get him to express an opinion so that they could get him banned. However the developer avoided falling for the traps and instead stayed focused on why other developers don’t post on ResetEra, writing…

“Everyone needs to just chill out a little. Not everything is a secret dogwhistle for the alt-right who are running a psyop to take down the forum from the inside. Sometimes people just don’t think before they speak, or disagree with what the majority thinks. As long as it’s not some heinous shit (which I have seen a few examples of, and which totally deserves a ban) we should all just calm down a little.”

The developer tried exercising some rhetorical kung-fu using a black belt in centrism, but it still didn’t go over too well with some of the posters on the site.

As one user pointed out, going by the handle of Alexhex, being banned for having an opinion that doesn’t gel with the hive mind prevents other posters from being harmed.

This didn’t stop the other posters from pestering the Skyrim developer for sharing the “specific views” that some were afraid to express. However, the developer didn’t bite the bullet, because it was a honey pot in order to drop the ban hammer.

A few thought that maybe it was Todd Howard, the creative director at Bethesda, attempting to reason with ResetEra. However, there are a few noteworthy grammatical errors in the posts, which likely means that it’s not Todd Howard posting. He’s had to perfect the art of whispering sweet little lies into the digital ears of fanboys, and I can’t imagine he would make those kind of mistakes while trying to cajole the zealots of ResetEra by placating their sensibilities. Such mistakes would diminish the point being made, so I would imagine this is some other mid-level developer representing Bethesda, or maybe it’s Pete Hines?

Anyway, several pages later and the thread was closed, with the ResetEra administrator, Selina, writing…

“It’s been really good having this discussion in the open and we think that the opportunity to have the dialogue has benefited the community overall. At this time however it seems to have run its course; the conversations are going in circles and becoming overshadowed by increasing hostility. We mentioned previously that we would lock the thread if it came to that point and that point appears to have come.


“We hope that everyone will look past any personal animus and think seriously about the issues and perspectives raised by this thread. We certainly will.”

Nevertheless, you can basically assume that any developers still posting on and supporting ResetEra at this point adhere to and support the community’s extremist Leftist views. Just recently reps scurried to ResetEra to beg forgiveness after posting an image from Postal 2 that referenced #GamerGate.

As for the Skyrim/Bethesda developer… if they continue to voice centrist views they probably won’t last long on ResetEra.

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