SNK Heroines Roster Expands With Dragon Gal’s Mui Mui
SNK Heroines - Mui Mui

SNK Corporation sent out a new trailer for the upcoming fighting game, SNK Heroines. It features Dragon Gal’s Mui Mui, a loli with a feisty heart of gold. A minute long trailer was released for the new fighter, featuring some of her outfits and her fighting moves.

Just like her appearance in King of Fighters XIV, Mui Mui relies on traditional Chinese kung-fu for her attacks. Unlike in King of Fighters XIV, she looks a lot younger here and SNK actually covered her up from head to toe in her default outfit to look like Little Bo Peep. You can check out the trailer below.

Mui Mui has a lot of kicking combinations and air techs to keep her opponents juggled above ground.

A couple of her moves remind me a lot of Karin from Street Fighter.

However, Mui Mui also has some distance-closing attacks, such as a full screen space dive-kick where she closes in on an opponent and drops a kick right on their head.

Her special includes a fireball and a driving uppercut with a bunch of panda effeects.

If you’re not into her Little Bo Peep outfit they also have her original Dragon Gal getup, and a panda outfit where you get to see a lot more skin.

SNK Heroines Mui Mui

I doubt Mui Mui will be popular in SNK Heroines. She had a pretty cool fighting style in King of Fighters XIV, but here she’s just duly outclassed by a lot of other high-quality babes.

Nevertheless, you’ll still be able to outfit and customize her using the character customization feature bundled into SNK Heroines.

You can look for the game to launch on September 7th, 2018 later this year for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. According to NIS America the game will launch uncensored in the West. Whether or not they stay true to that remains to be seen but hopefully they don’t gimp out at the twelfth hour.


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