Steam Puts Adult Games On Hold Until Filters Are Put In Place
Steam Adult Games

Valve announced that they would be amending their policies regarding adult filters for games at some point in 2018. That announcement was made back on June 6th, 2018. They further stated that they would take a hands-off approach to curation, only stepping in to remove trolling games and illegal content, something that made SJW journalists publicly rage with seething spite. Well, some developers who have been attempting to release their H-games have been hit with a roadblock, as their games are either under review or on hold until Valve implements the filters for curating content on the store.

Niche Gamer is reporting that multiple game studios have either privately or publicly revealed that some of their adult-themed games are currently on hold, including software publisher Sekai Project, who reportedly has a couple of games in the wings that were scheduled for release but are waiting for Valve to implement the tools and review their projects before they’re allowed to be released on the store.

Another developer, Love In Space, tweeted out publicly that Shining Song Starnova is also currently on hold until Valve gets the tools in place.

Certain games that were also supposed to be released have been put on hold, such as Hentris, which is an Adults Only Tetris game that features hentai images.

Manic Mind Games Lab’s title was supposed to release on July 5th, 2018 according to the Steam store page, but the game was delayed due to a pending review from Valve.

Over on the Steam forums the developer responded to a post asking about the release, saying…

“friends, the game is already ready, I’m waiting for the valve review for the release”

As is typical of Valve, some adult-oriented games have still been able to release, albeit censored. Lilipalace and Unholy Disaster both recently made their way onto the Steam store along with R18+ patches. So either Valve missed both games are are exercising more of their inconsistent curation policies.

We’ll find out exactly how “hands off” Valve will be when the tools finally become available and uncensored versions of adult games begin to make their way onto the Steam storefront.

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