Steven Universe Introduces Kids To A Lesbian Proposal
Steven Universe Lesbians

The DC Universe recently was making news headlines because after half of century of costumed foreplay, Bruce Wayne proposed to Selina Kyle and the two were supposed to get married… but you know, it’s Batman, so things didn’t quite turn out as planned. Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe is now making headlines for a proposal and a wedding, but mainly because it’s a lesbian relationship being depicted on a kid’s show.

As is standard with most Leftist agendas, the news was made to trend on social media and was quickly picked up by most Left-leaning media outlets.

The event unraveled in episode 21 of season 5, where a female cowboy named Ruby proposed to their one-eyed girlfriend, Sapphire. The clip was captured by various YouTubers, including Ford in a Bikini.

Obviously the fans of the show seem to enjoy this turn of events, and obviously this is the sort of thing that you would see plastered across social media given that it fits in line with the content Google, Twitter, and Facebook want you to see, and obviously you won’t find any websites being critical of the content or else they’ll get filtered, or buried, or labeled as “homophobic”.

On Twitter there are plenty of people cheering on that a kids show is depicting an open lesbian relationship with a lesbian wedding in the works.

What you won’t find on the Twitter trend is any dissent, any concern from parents, or any questions about whether or not depicting this kind of content should be in a kid’s show.

It’s rather interesting given that even with the Batman and Catwoman wedding discussion there are people who are for and against it, people who are arguing the writing, the arc, and the depiction of the event. You can check the Twitter thread but be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

Anyway, right now Steven Universe fans are happy about the lesbian wedding, and it will be interesting to see if Cartoon Network follows through and pulls the trigger on the event without pulling any punches.


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