Street Fighter 5 Mods Feature Nude Yorha 2B Cosplay, Sakura Fortune Bikini
Street Fighter 5 Sakura Yorha 2B Nude Mod

Even though Street Fighter V didn’t get off to such a great sales start when it first came out back in early 2016, the game has managed to pick up a rather sizable modding community that keeps some residual interest in the game alive even to this day. Some of the most popular mods for the game are all the great new costumes that have emerged for the game from the modding community. The latest mod to lift heads and erect interest from gamers is a Fortune bikini for Sakura.

Modder BrutalAce recently uploaded the new Street Fighter V mod for Sakura. You can download the 46MB mod file from the DeviantArt page.

Keep in mind that BrutalAce had to redo and fix up a lot of his mods after patch 3.051 launched featuring Cody. Thankfully the mod is compatible with Street Fighter V patch 3.051. The Sakura mod above actually features an all new baked body that BrutalAce came up with, featuring thicker thighs, larger breasts, and a curvier body.


BrutalAce explained that the body is part of his next generation of modding for Street Fighter V and it was used for the Fortune Bikini commission…

“Fortune Bikini was commissioned by forum member and avid supporter Sonicprogrammer and I did a lot of work to make this mod as good as possible so I really hope that he and everyone else will enjoy this to the fullest.

“The mod is packed with features out of which the most prominent one is Sakura’s brand new body; in addition to that it has high resolution textures, high resolution meshes and many more.”

The full mod features 4K resolution for the textures, a flat normal map with the details tessellated into the mesh directly, along with high-quality breast physics, and animated waist ornaments. There’s also both wet and dry variations of Sakura, along with round and vertical designations of her navel, for those of you who are into navel fetish.

But wait… there’s more!

There’s another slingshot bikini mod that you can also get your hands on from modder Segadoredelinks.

The Sakura slingshot bikini mod replaces her traditional battle costume. It’s also been updated to work with the latest version of the game. The mod is only 12MB and you can download it from the DeviantArt page.

But wait… there’s even more!

Nude Sakura – Yorha 2B Mod

Yes, there’s a nude mod for Sakura, but she’s replaced with Yorha 2B from Platinum Games’ NieR: Automata.

Modder Kahledantar666 designed the mod, giving gamers 15 different colors to choose from, the ability to attach the costume to any of Sakura’s three outfits. There’s also three variations of the jiggle physics, allowing you to see her thickness wiggle and wobble normally, with super effects, or with ultra jiggle effects.

There’s also some exclusive variants, including a nude version with and without the skirt, and extra oily skin, so she looks super slick. You can acquire the mod by requesting it from Khaledantar666 from his DeviantArt page.

Also, if you feel like BrutalAce is doing the work of a saint and you want to put some coins in his coffer, you can do so by visiting the BrutalAce Patreon page.


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