Super Patriotic Dating Simulator Sees A Buxom American CIA Agent Infiltrating ISIS
Super Patriotic Dating Simulator

So imagine the last stronghold of ISIS is resistant to all forms of American penetration. The long barrel of Homeland Security simply cannot get a shot in from the front or the back. The legs of opportunity are just too closed shut to inseminate the destruction of ISIS from within. However, the CIA’s top agent, a 19-year-old American virgin named Elodie, could be America’s only hope for wiping out the last bastion of the terrorist organization.

Armed with her wits and a banging body, Elodie journeys into a foreign land occupied by dangerous terrorists, all with the aim of unsheathing the dangers they present, and laying them to rest once and for all.

Players will have to navigate the nubile Elodie through the explosive charms of ISIS, using whatever means necessary to gain access to their most vulnerable areas, and exploit those weaknesses using Elodie’s highly skilled abilities to get what she needs. You can check out the pitch video for Immigrant Father Studios’ Super Patriotic Dating Simulator below.

The entire thing is a satirical take on the traditional otome dating simulator.

Instead of playing some shy chick being pursued by a bunch of handsome, rich, reserved dandies, you’re playing an outgoing agent attempting to lick, kick, suck, and kill her way to victory.

This is also bound to upset a lot of people across the entire political spectrum.

Leftists will be absolutely angered that a hot American chick who looks like a typical busty-anime badass is going over to the Middle East to kill a bunch of Arab terrorists.

Those on the Right will probably be angered that this hot American chick will bang her way through the ISIS ranks to nab the kills.

Super Patriotic Dating Simultor - Kill Him

There’s likely going to be plenty of triggered individuals and salt to spare over The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator.

The game is also very open about being anti-ISIS. The Left have been working hard to paint ISIS as sympathetic, so there’s likely going to be a lot of confusion among the ranks of Leftists, especially given that the creator of the game is Middle-Eastern.

Do the Left support the game and its anti-ISIS, anti-terror message at the risk of looking Islamaphobic? Do the SJWs harass  the creator even though she’s Middle-Eastern and a female designer? Or do they condemn it because the lead character is a hot looking American chick with big boobs and a camel-toe baring bodysuit?

Iranian-American designer, Karlee Esmailli, specifically wanted to address ISIS-style gender politics with a touch of comedy, explaining on the game’s Kickstarter page…

“I wanted to subvert the sexual oppression that characterizes so much of I***’s politics. In reality, I***’s oppression of women exists within a patriarchal framework, which subjugates women’s bodies, pleasure, and power to men. I found power and strength in an objectified caricature of members of I***. The same tools of objectification that have made me feel diminished, disrespected, and worthless as a woman can be used against the perpetrators of this gendered violence. The tactics of I*** are intended to terrorize. Subversion and comedy are particularly effective against this kind of politics. I want to rob I*** of the terror they work so hard to instill, through this reversal of the sexual narrative” [sic]

Seeing the fallout and chatter this game will create will be interesting to say the least.

Anyway, you can hit up the Kickstarter page to get a better idea of what The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator is about.


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