Tales Of The Neon Sea Kickstarter Gets Underway July 31st

Tales of the Neon Sea

Palm Pioneer and Beijing-based studio, Zodiac Interactive, announced that the cyberpunk adventure game, Tales of the Neon Sea, will head to Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign starting at the end of the month on July 31st.

The game is a side-scrolling cyberpunk adventure title with puzzle solving and world interaction, all baked into a story themed around a mystery to unravel.

Developer Palm Pioneer is focused on telling a story about humans and robots living in a mutually distrusting state within a megalopolis. Players assume the role of a hard-boiled detective to solve a series of strange happenings that take place on a random missing persons case.

The detective is a black-pilled alcoholic who has seen it all and done it all, but this particular case pushes him to the brink. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

The core of the gameplay is based around using the detective’s keen sense of observation and reasoning skills to discover clues, solve puzzles and interact with other NPCs.

If you need a helping hand, the detective’s black cat can offer a bit of assistance if you find yourself in a bind.

Much like the point-and-click games of old, you’ll be able to acquire items, utilize said items from your inventory, and explore various environments.

Tales of the Neon Sea - Crime Scene

It’s not all about dragging the mouse around, though. A good portion of Tales of the Neon Sea is also about using some light platforming elements to scale through the maze-like city and reach closed off areas.

Based on the fact that you get to play a straight white male, and the fact that there are some depictions of sexy chicks in the game, I can only assume that Palm Pioneer aren’t peddlers of propaganda for the Politically Correct Police. Hopefully the whole game is a right proper exercise in solid gameplay and great storytelling, which is all most gamers are asking for these days.

Tales of the Neon Sea is already well underway into development, and it could end up being completed in a timely enough manner with a decent backing on Kickstarter. You can look for the campaign page to go live on July 31st.

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