The Sinking City Gameplay Trailer Shows Little Gameplay In CGI Trailer

Bigben Interactive and Frogwares have bamboozled many people with their latest trailer of The Sinking City titled “A Close Shave – Gameplay Trailer.” With folks, like myself, tuning in to watch the gameplay part of the video only to be met with a CGI trailer, you’ll get to see what the new trailer — with very little gameplay — is all about.

The following trailer shows snippets of gameplay, but all scenes shown are quick black & white clips that do not show anything of importance. If you have been following this game, chances are you’ve seen the following “gameplay” segments.

Anyway, you can read the newly posted description and look over the cinematic, I mean… “gameplay” trailer as seen below:

“It starts with the nick of a razor blade, a small pool of blood forming on the surface of the skin. From there, it only gets weirder, my thoughts a whirlpool that drags me down, into a world unlike anything I’ve ever known. It all starts with the nick of a razor….”

As for the game’s story, The Sinking City sees a man tortured by his past and otherworldly visions, who goes by the name Charles W. Reed. The private investigator finds himself in Oakmont, Massachusetts, seeking salvation from the insanity that pursues him.

Oakmont — a trade harbor known for lucrative smuggling — now lies in secluded isolation from the rest of the world, under a flood of supernatural origins. In this place, Reed must deal with the dregs of mankind, follow clues, and unveil a “cosmic horror” threatening the world.

Hopefully, the next trailer the devs seed to the public actually shows what’s in the header, meaning that if its a gameplay trailer we get to see actual in-game footage of The Sinking City. Until then, you can expect the game to drop on March 21st, 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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