Thomas Was Once Upon a Coma Himself but Not Anymore

Waking up to find the adults gone and the world overrun by childish mischief would normally excite the likes of any preadolescent, but being asked to learn the piano after a prolonged coma is a bummer.

More so when the piano holds the keys to your missing sister’s whereabouts, your parents are zombies with a taste for children and your once favorite hangouts are the haunts of massive critters.

Thankfully your old pals are still familiar, your father’s shaving kit still works and so does your pet bird; it helps too that the entire late-summer sun has turned the world into a Disney dreamscape from the 50s.

This world being constituted by 10 hand-drawn levels of monstrous populace that Pete must hack n’ slash against with but a close-shave razor and two-dimensional graphics. The musical notes that his sister was astute enough to leave behind also unlock many secrets upon their learning.

Very old-school and simplistic, as Thomas Brush puts it, with the occasional side quest thrown in the form of long-forgotten card games of the magical kind. Rather than Pete’s adventure however I find Brush’s own taking centerstage here, given how I’m only just discovering the man this morning if I’m shamefully honest.

You might know of Brush from Pinstripe, an ex-minister’s chronicle of the afterlife spent in search of a three-year old daughter, her abductor and his own demonic half. Kickstarter approved, similar in artistic vein to Once Upon a Coma here and now more than a year old, the project also thrust Brush into an existential crisis soon after.

Initially a 1:1 HD remake of the original flash game Coma seemed like a fantastic idea alongside publishing support from Serenity Forge, but a fairly supportive family, childhood ambitions and a loyal Kickstarter base helped shake off the stupor by contributing to a successful pitch for a sequel this past March.

$10,000 USD short from meeting the Playstation 4/Xbox One release stretch goal however, which Brush claims has been attainable via post-campaign preorders. Currently pending release on Steam as he renders all aspects of music, story, art and design himself.

Here’s the demo.


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