Trapped at Work? Why Cry When You Can Transmogrify

Chris was just a hapless janitor on the wrong shift.

The kind of shift that causes a hi-tech facility to lose its power, Artificial Intelligence and a top-secret experimental weapon; and then the lights returned, the A.I’s memory didn’t and the janitor found himself with the LNK – 0418 in hand.

The latter of which was honestly Grace’s idea; Grace of course being the site’s managing A.I who, while torn between following the directives of a corporate organization and a barely function brain, opted to assist Chris find his way back home.

Throw in a dozen or more enemies on the loose, and you’ve got yourself a standard sci-fi platformer. But Transmogrify claims to be unconventional in the sense that its enemies are vital to Chris’ escape.

Rather than obliterate monsters to mush, the LNK – 0418 specializes in being able to transform enemies into meaningful objects; stepping stools, floating platforms, spring cushions, shields, or really whatever you please, all with a few plasma-like projectiles that might possibly interfere with electronics.

It’s the sort of thing that you’d expect a few sleep-deprived participants to come up with at a game jam. Turns out Transmogrify was originally a game jam entry under the theme unconventional weaponry.

Besides rewarding players for their creativity, the puzzles are said to build on themselves, are spread out across multiple worlds of 60+ levels furnished with hidden dangers to be explored and high-score encouraging leaderboards.

Each of the growing roster of enemies not only have specific personalities and goals, furthermore, but a set of corresponding objects each may be converted into. Ever since its modest yet successful Kickstarter, an updated build of its existing demo is being worked upon in favor of improved content, level count and gameplay.

Then will come Transmogrify’s Steam release that hopes to fall somewhere around January, 2019. The demo, Discord and associated social channels can be located here.


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