Treasure Hunter Claire Uncensored 18+ Patch Available For Steam Version

Treasure Hunter Claire Uncensored

Acerola and Kagura Games’ Treasure Hunter Claire is currently currently available for download over on the Steam store right now for $19.99. During the first week of being available you can grab the game for 25% off the normal price, bringing it down to just $14.99.

The game’s release was also accompanied by the timely availability of the uncensored R18+ patch, which you can download from the Kagura Games website.

If you’re unable to download the patch from Kagura Games, there’s a mirror for the patch that you can acquire from over on Google Drive.

  1. If you need help installing the patch, Steam Uncensored has a basic walkthrough on how to download and install the patch.
  2. So first off, once you download the exe you’ll want to run the uncensored patch executable.
  3. Click through the dialogue boxes by pressing “Next” and agreeing to the terms of service. The patcher will automatically have the location of the game’s installation directory in place, which should be /steamapps/common/Treasure Hunter Claire/.
  4. If the installation directory is not correct, be sure to locate the proper directory and highlight it in the setup by clicking on the “Change” button.

Proceed through the additional dialogue boxes and then the patch should be installed. If you did it correctly the game should no longer be censored when you encounter the NSFW sexy-time scenes.

Treasure Hunter Claire - Phallu sof Flesh

The game itself is a cheesy romp through a fantasy world filled with futas, monsters, and lots of fleshy treasure to acquire.

The story is themed around Claire, a treasure hunter who seeks out a very rare item that can grant any wish. She travels to the land of Alstroemeria in hopes of obtaining the treasure and ends up being endowed with a special hero’s power after encountering the special phallus of the goddess.

With a new task of having to gather life essence in order to get strong and defeat an emerging evil, Claire begins her lascivious adventure into the world of fun romps, adventurous trysts, and exciting encounters. The game features over 90 different CG images and sprites and a combination of more than 600 different unique scenes. There’s a clothing system in place, voice acting, and multiple endings, along with a multi-layered “corruption” system.

You can either learn more by visiting the official website or by picking up a digital copy from the Steam store and grabbing the free R18+ patch to go along with it.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard)

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