VDRAW Lets You Use A 3D Avatar For Drawing, Browser Games, Streaming Apps

If you plan on doing virtual streaming but you don’t want to plaster your own face in front of a Twitch stream because you’re just too beautiful to share your visage with the rest of the world, then Ogura Laboratory has a solution for you in the form of VDRAW.

The software basically enables you to load in a VRM virtual 3D avatar. These are the same avatars that are typically compatible with the Niconi 3D, Virtual Cast, and Cluster. You can import the the VRM and then use the customization tools to modify the height, arm position, head position, and alignment of the model before you get started.

Once the model is in the proper position the left and right arm can be assigned to the keyboard and/or mouse. The best part about it is that it’s not in VR, so you don’t need a VR headset in order to make use of the virtual avatars.

You can see the demonstration of the software in action with the trailer below.

As you can see, in most of the situations the left hand is attached to a virtual keyboard, and the hand of the character will type the keys that you press with the real life keyboard. The right arm will typically be assigned to either the mouse or a drawing tablet, depending on what you’re doing.

The tool can be used for a number of activities as showcased in the trailer above, including for drawing pictures in paint programs, or programming, or even playing browser games, so long as it’s in a window.

This will likely be the next evolution of AI-themed stream-casters or virtual personalities to emerge on social media.

Ogura Laboratory has plans on releasing both a free and paid version of VDRAW. According to the official website the first version will be out by the end of July, or at least sometime during the summer. You can keep track of development or learn more by visiting the official VDRAW website.

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