Venom Trailer Teases Venom Feeding On Human Body Parts
Venom Trailer

Sony seems to have an actual win on their hands with Venom. The movie isn’t out yet but it’s already gaining a lot of positive feedback from fans and comic book aficionados (or those who are left). The third trailer for Venom has gone live (assuming we can count the teaser trailer as an actual trailer) and it features more of the plot of the movie and a pretty good look at the anti-hero.

It starts with Tom Hardy explaining that he attempts to investigate things the government ignores. He then talks about how he’s been “taken”… and we get that classic Venom voice before the reverse whale trump sound kicks into play.

The main villain, an Indian scientist, is all about attempting to achieve higher life form supremacy. He uses experiments to combine them with the symbiote to find the perfect balance, but it doesn’t always work out so well. You can check out the trailer below.

We then find out that the symbiote has taken to Tom Hardy, and has become one with him. They do a really good job here of delineating that the symbiote and Hardy are two completely different beings, and that the symbiote needs Hardy’s Eddie Brock to survive.

We then begin to see the relationship between the two, as Hardy begins to explain to the goop that they can’t just go around hurting people.

What’s really crazy is that we see that Brock gets mutilated pretty badly at one point and Venom repairs his missing limbs and keeps him alive.

It almost looks like it might head the way of 2017’s Logan, if the trailer is any indication of how dark and violent the film might be.

The trailer gets really dark later on when we find out how Venom stays healthy… he feeds…. on people.

The ending sequence is pretty crazy, even though it tries to be politically correct because we all know that either a Hispanic dude or a black dude would have been mugging the Asian convenient store. Anyway, the movie looks pretty cool and it’s due out on October 5th, 2018 later this year during the fall.

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