Video Shows The Diverse Leaders Of #ComicsGate While Channeling #NotYourShield
ComicsGate Leaders

The media have been painting every single critic and fan that stands against the SJW agenda as a white-supremacist and a Nazi. This has been a rather frequent go-to narrative by Leftist media outlets who have attempted to label Richard C. Meyer from YouTube channel Diversity & Comics and comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver as the “racist” leaders of #ComicsGate, a movement about making comics great again and moving away from the Left-wing agitprop that they’ve become.

Well, a recent video was uploaded to Ethan Van Sciver’s YouTube channel showing all the diverse “leaders” of #ComicsGate to repel the notion that only “straight white males” care about quality comic books. It turns out that a lot of people aren’t very fond of the SJW agenda that has ruined so many great properties in recent years. You can check out the video below.

The video was accompanied by a tweet from Van Sciver who let the community know that #ComicsGate is far from the homogenous monolith that the media have been painting of the group.

This is an equivalent tactic that gamers used way back in the early days of #GamerGate, where they released multiple videos of the #NotYourShield project, where minorities and women spoke out against the media narrative that #GamerGate was about harassing women out of gaming and that it had nothing to do with ethics in journalism.

Women and minorities spoke up claiming that it was about ethics in journalism and that media outlets had become corrupt and unethical (and many have stayed that way since) and that they weren’t going to be the shields of Leftist ideologues.

This is a counter-narrative approach to squelch the rising tide of falsehoods being peddled by media outlets trying to paint disgruntled comic book fans all under the same brush. It didn’t necessarily work out entirely for #GamerGate because people like Tim Schafer from Double Fine Productions simply painted minorities and women as sock-puppets, but it didn’t stop gamers from trying.

Additionally, this also shows that a lot of people across the spectrum are tired of the SJW agendas and propaganda being pushed in comic books these days. The sales for these comics have flatlined and Marvel even had to cancel many of the SJW comics. The ones that are still alive continue to dwindle in sales.

On the opposite end of the scale, we see that anti-SJW indie comics like Cyberfrog and Nina and Ariel have been exploding in popularity, proving that comic book fans still love action-packed, well-written, sexy comic books… they just don’t want the SJW propaganda smeared on top.


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