Voldo Thrusts His Way Into Soul Calibur VI’s Roster

Strapped down and bondaged up like the very vault he protects, Voldo in Soul Calibur VI comes loaded with a list of tricks and moves like no other. And if you’re happy to see your “boi” back in action, brace yourself because he’s more eccentric than the booty he keeps locked away in his cove.

That’s right, the Guardian of “The Vault,” Voldo thrusts back into action once again. And as per usual, he’s locked, cocked, and armed with his signature Katar (Manas and Ayus), and he’ll slash anyone foolish enough to pilfer his “treasure.”

Like any other character filling out the ranks of Soul Calibur VI, Bandai Namco has cooked up the usual ingredients showing off the fan favorite and role model fighter, Voldo, as read and seen below:

“The Guardian of The Vault, Voldo rises up once again! Armed with this signature Katar, Manas & Ayus, he will slash anyone foolish enough to steal his treasures.”

Of course, I’m waiting for similar articles to match the ones Ivy has received and the likes of demanding “outfit tone downs” regarding Voldo. Because surely there are no double standards, right?

Anyway, while we wait for those to pop up, Voldo opts for a very whimsical fighting style that leans on the unpredictable side. I bet you can pull a lot of victories on both educated and newcomers of SCVI when playing as him do to his uncanny fighting style.

If you’re looking forward to assuming the role of Voldo, the once right-hand man to Vercci — an arms dealer nicknamed the “Merchant of Death” — then you can expect to fight others in the stage of history and protect the “Money Pit,” come October 19th across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Lastly, a batch of screenshots showing the fan favorite exotic fighter sits below for your viewing pleasure.

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