VR Headset Sales Tank On Amazon
VR Sales Tank

A report from Joshua Fruhlinger on Trends points to a downward trend in sales on Amazon for VR HMDs. The headset display units are pricey, not very intuitive, lack compelling software, and only seem to be good for porn. Well, the average consumer seems to be shying away from the general purchase of VR headsets and accessories according to the report from Trends based on Amazon sales.

The charts for the data is fairly compelling, showing that bundle packs like Skyrim for the PlayStation VR have drastically slid down the chart from late 2017 throughout 2018. As noted by Trends, the bundle pack was ranked 29 back in February, 2018, but dropped down to the top 100 spot on Amazon’s sales chart by April.

The HTC hasn’t been faring much better, with some rather low figures as well. The idea is to try to stay high up on the chart, but HTC’s Vive couldn’t seem to do that.

No such luck for the Oculus Rift Go to capture a sizable piece of the market from Amazon, either. It, too, took a dive from May all the way to July, even with the $249.99 price tag, which is supposed to be considered “cheap” for the lower end of the market.

It’s not just the Amazon sales, though. Across the market there’s a downturn in sales trends.

Variety is reporting that market research firm, SuperData, have also noted that VR sales are “cooling”. In plain ‘ole terms the devices aren’t selling and no one cares about virtual reality except for diehard enthusiasts, and they’re a very tiny minority.

Most casual and mid-core gamers just don’t care about VR because there’s nothing to care about. There aren’t any good or compelling games to warrant spending upward of $500 for an HMD, much less $700 or $800 for the higher-end devices and accessories. The tethered cables limit practical use, and the wireless solutions like TPCast up the total price of components by another $200.

At the end of the day, VR turned out to be a bust because of high prices, lack of quality software, and seemingly no real reason to dive into the market unless you’re interested in VR porn.


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