Weekly Recap July 14th: Star Wars’ Rian Johnson Licks The Corpse Of #GamerGate With Social Media Necromancy
Weekly Recap

Get woke; go broke. Those are words any capitalist needs to keep imprinted on their big book of maxims for pitfalls to avoid. Those are words that SJWs can’t seem to comprehend or don’t want to comprehend, because they keep getting woke and they sure as heck are going broke.

Media outlets have been lying out their digital buttholes with the kind of textual feces that seems to imitate what happens when an enema goes wrong and everything that was supposed to go in ends up out on the floor, causing anyone who isn’t missing their olfactory sense to turn away in disgust. That’s sort of what’s been happening as gaming press have doubled down on the Jessica Price situation at ArenaNet where she was fired for attacking fans on social media, but normies are waking up and it’s a beautiful thing.

But for every red-pill moment normies encounter, SJWs go one step farther off the measuring stick of sanity. A good example of that is Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, exercising his epicurean tastes for necromancy, raising #GamerGate out of its meme-packed grave to blame it for people hating his movie.

But to circle back around to getting woke and going broke… Univision learned it the hard way as Gizmodo has been doing nothing but losing them money, and now they’re looking to sell off Kotaku, Jezebel, Deadspin and the rest of the dead weight they picked up from the carcass of Gawker back in 2016.

Those stories and more in this July 14th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Tech And Media Websites Misreport Guild Wars 2 Firings

Buzzfeed, Kotaku, The Verge, and Rock Paper Shotgun all came out in support of former ArenaNet employee Jessica Price. However, they masked the reasons for her firing by leaving out key facts and avoiding to discuss what really happened, misrepresenting the facts and misreporting the situation in order to spread more fake news, and they had plenty of help from Google in doing so. Speaking of Social Justice Warrior cancer… a group of SJWs proceeded to harass a developer and his staff because he expressed his opinion on why more women aren’t CEOs at tech companies in Germany. Dying Light 2 is running on a brand new piece of software technology called the C-Engine. Digital Extremes will be updating Warframe with some brand new content, including multi-crew space battles.

Rian Johnson Performs Necromancy On #Gamergate To Blame It On Star Wars Failing

Solo: A Star Wars Story’s failure at the box office? Yeah, that was apparently #GamerGate’s fault. All those angry fans talking about how Star Wars‘ lore is being damaged? Yup, that too was also #GamerGate’s fault. That bad case of fiery diarrhea that Rian Johnson had after eating those week-old spicy burritos? Mhmm, you guessed it… #GamerGate’s fault. The Star Wars director has placed the blame of disgruntlement exercised by fans at the feet of #GamerGate. Also, a male feminist CEO of a company called Feminist Apparel was outed for sexual abuse by his coworkers, so target=”_blank”>he fired them all. We have up a review for MXGP Pro for the home consoles, but you probably won’t find the game all that interesting. Tencent is aiming to expand WeGame to a global market soon, as a Hong Kong version is in the works as this is being typed out. And Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has stated that they’re working hard at PlayStation to cater their games to all genders, races, religions and sexual orientations. Essentially, Sony is all in on the diversity agenda.

Kotaku Is Getting Sold

The end is nigh… for the SJWs at Gizmodo. Univision is looking to sell off their ass…ets like they were a pimp kicking out the old GILFs and bringing in fresh jail-bait to the hen house. It was announced earlier in the week that Univision is looking to sell off all the Gizmodo assets they purchased back in 2016, including the SJW rag, Kotaku. Team Ninja’s director for Dead or Alive 6 has also come out to state that chicks with big ‘ole tiddies aren’t actually human. Yes, he notes that chicks with smaller boobs are more human than chicks with big boobs. This caused plenty of women with big boobs to call out both Gamespot and the director for being sexist and for body-shaming women. In sad news (for some) Bandai Namco has announced that Code Vein has been delayed and now the game is scheduled to release in 2019 instead of later this year in the fall. Naughty America has accrued more than 20 million user downloads of VR porn, proving that the only good thing about VR is… porn.


ArenaNet Stands By Firings Of Jessica Price, Peter Fries

In a rare twist, ArenaNet has decided to stick to their guns and keep the two problematic developers off their team after they decided to drag the company through the mud across social media. Of course, some gaming media outlets outed themselves as more corrupt than you could have imagined when they still blamed gamers for forming a mob while accidentally linking to a post admitting that gamers didn’t form up mobs to get the ArenaNet developers fired, but the post was made as a troll because the troll hated the Guild Wars 2 community. Anyway, RAGE 2 won’t have loading screens and will be what the original RAGE was supposed to be. Neil Druckmann has noted that The Last of Us 2 isn’t designed to be “fun” because he doesn’t want people to have to have “fun” with the combat. Konami has shut down the P.T. For PC project, but they picked up the 17-year-old creator and gave him an internship at the company. BioWare has lost yet another developer, who decided to go off and make some indie projects. And Ubisoft is now auto-banning people who use slurs in Rainbow Six: Siege as they attempt to imitate Blizzard and their Orwellian methodology for controlling their community.


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