Weekly Recap July 21st: GOG.com Grovels Gleefully At The Callous Heels Of SJWs
Weekly Recap

The culture war rages on. You can try to ignore it, but it’ll creep up on you like a male feminist. You can try to avoid it, but it’ll always lurk over your shoulder like a perverted game journalist. You can attempt to hide from it, but it’ll always find a way back into your life like a bad listicle from Buzzfeed. The best thing you can do is embrace it… and make sure you never end up like the sniveling cowards that always fall prostrate at the feet of the Intersectional Inquisition. Who am I talking about? GOG.com.

After posting a tweet that enraged the game journalists, the company quickly laid at the feet of the SJW overlords, like an obsequious servant ready and willing to do their bidding. The company took things a step further by playing up to the ResetEra crowd, and even threw #GamerGate under the bus for good measure.

On the flip side of things, James Gunn found out the hard way that when you live by the SJW sword you die by the SJW sword and that’s exactly what happened to his career when some pedophilic tweets popped up recently and big daddy Disney decided to drop the banhammer on his career. These stories and more in this July 21st, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Australia Seeks To Protect Games from Being Banned

The Liberal Democrats are seeking to protect video games from being banned, along with protecting speech so that insulting someone or offending someone won’t get you locked away in the pen. This is all part of an effort to loosen up Australia’s censorship restrictions on content. Marvel Comics’ Tamra Bonvillain decided to take aim at comic book fans, calling them “trash” for supporting #ComicsGate. SJWs have been attempting to get the artist Shadman banned from Twitter, calling him a pedophile and a Nazi. And Xaviant Games could end up going bust after releasing The Culling 2 and having poor sales as a result.


IGN, Newsweek, Associated Press Jump Into The Fake News Pool

So here’s an odd story: an Arabic boy commits suicide. Four days later an Arabic regulatory board updates their ban list of games; many of the games on the list have been on there for more than a year. Western news media conflated the suicide with the game ban, and ran with the story about it. Ubisoft’s UAE communications manager had to step in to correct the record about the fake news spread first by Associated Press, along with IGN, the New York Times, and PC Gamer following suit. It created a panic based around misinformation. If the whole SJW thing has you burned out, be prepared for more of it, as Batwoman the TV series is coming in 2019 and it will literally center around her fight for Social Justice while putting her open lesbianism front and center in the story. Todd Howard breaks down some of the myths and assumptions about Fallout 76, and the ADL has gone full retard and jettisoned whatever small traces of integrity they had left by creating a whole lot of falsehoods and fake news.


GOG.com Apologizes To SJWs After Being Threatened

Instead of hunkering down and ignoring the onslaught of offended Social Justice Warriors after making a tweet about Postal 2 that referenced #GamerGate, GOG.com decided instead to apologize to the Social Justice Warriors and throw gamers and #GamerGate under the bus. It’s an embracing display of kowtowing. The Early Access version of World War 3 will not feature bots, but the full version might. Valve won’t be attending GamesCom 2018 this year, but the company’s German branch will be there for… company reasons. And the DC Universe Titans live-action television show got railed on hard by fans for being cringeworthy, emo and so dark that it disappears when the lights go out. Worse yet is that they turned Starfire into a polyester and latex hooker, and Robin was transformed into a Batman-hating murderer. Yep… it’s that kind of edgy.


James Gunn Fired For Pedophilic Tweets

James Gunn made some pedophilic tweets years ago and after they were dug up and painted in the public spotlight, Disney reacted strongly and fired Gunn from directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Oh yeah, and perpetually butthurt SJWs are blaming #Gamergate for it. Some people are a little worried because can you really call it a win? People are being fired left and right for tweets, and things keep escalating. Others are just happy the Left are finally getting some comeuppance. Fear The Wolves has been delayed by a couple of weeks, while Call of Cthulhu finally has a solid release date. And there’s a brand new sci-fi first-person shooter in the works called The Cycle.


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