Weekly Recap July 28th: Anita Sarkeesian Expresses Anti-SJW Sentiments, Phil Fish Pulls Fez
Weekly Recap

Enthusiast Gaming decided to revive The Escapist after it was sold to them by Defy Media. The first thing that Enthusiast Gaming did was bring back former editor-in-chief at The Escapist, Russ Pitts, and the first thing he did was establish a “no politics” rule for the site. This rule came much to the chagrin of the Social Justice Warrior movement on social media, who promptly began to whine about the decision, rending the floor of the digital media space filled with nothing more than the liquid fluids of teary-eyed whiners and Progressive-spewing invectives that slipped out of the diaper of adulthood.

And speaking of whining and spilling spaghetti on the floor… Phil Fish decided that after GOG.com tweeted out a reference to #GamerGate, he no longer wanted to do business with the storefront and had Fez removed from the store. Oh, and culture critic Anita Sarkeesian decided she didn’t want to see a race-swapped Buffy The Vampire Slayer and decided to throw her lot in with the #GamerGate rhetoric by speaking out against the reboot. According to SJW logic, this means Anita Sarkeesian either doesn’t like black people or she’s now a part of #GamerGate….

…These stories and more in this July 28th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Sarkeesian Speaks Out Like A GamerGator

Anita Sarkeesian, the queen of culture for the Collectivist Confederacy, spoke out against another one of the many reboots that Hollywood has taken under its wing as part of the social engineering propaganda that has invaded all of media. Sarkeesian wasn’t too fond of the fact that Whedon has decided to molest her memory of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with a reboot starting a race-swapped lead. Speaking of race-swapped reboots, there’s a new reboot of the CW show Charmed, and all the leads have been replaced with brown-skinned actresses, and the show will focus on fighting the patriarchy and toxic masculinity. It’s so SJW that even the original actress didn’t like the SJW reboot. And in even more SJW-themed news, Voltron: Legendary Defender turned its main character gay. And finally, in some good news, there’s finally a release date for Farming Simulator 19.

Phil Fish Removes FEZ From GOG.com

The perpetually butthurt and frail-hearted Phil Fish has decided to remove FEZ from GOG.com after the company tweeted out a gif, deleted the gif, and then apologized for the gif containing a #GamerGate reference. Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies Show decided to take aim at #ComicsGate with a hit-piece on Diversity & Comics’ Richard C. Meyer. News surrounding the iPad Mini 4 isn’t looking good, as Apple could be axing out the portable device in favor of something smaller and sleeker. And a former BioWare dev is trying desperately to reassure fans that BioWare won’t die if (read: when) Anthem fails.


Polygon’s Hate-Bait Enrages Actual Gamers

Polygon put together a dozen or so pages from culture critics and academics from within the SJW circles to rag on gaming. They even went a step further and disabled all comments so no one could offer any rebuttals. On the upside, there’s a hentai contest going on for those of you who like boobs and gaming, courtesy of Plexstor. A Skyrim developer told the ResetEra community that it’s hostile and unwelcoming, and shortly thereafter the ResetEra admin shut down the thread. The Escapist Magazine is making a return, and it’s bringing back MovieBob and Russ Pitts, along with Yahtzee. They also claim that they’re going to “leave the politics at the door”. And there’s a new action-shooter in the works called Devil Hunt, but no new gameplay has been revealed yet.


SJWs Trip Over Themselves To Shriek About Escapist Abandoning Politics

After The Escapist announced that it was coming back and that the new editor-in-chief, Russ Pitts, would be abandoning any pointed political directions with the site, the SJWs came out of the woodwork to condemn the decision, berate the staff for not joining the SJW screech-train and for not being “woke” enough. Turn 10 Studios will be disabling the prize crates for cars and items in Forza Motorsport 7 this winter. Unknown’s Don’t Play This Game has been delayed to August 3rd next month. And Quantic Dream lost a lawsuit from a former employee who quit after having pictures passed around with their face superimposed on Nazi imagery and pornography. The judge ruled in the former employee’s favor, knocking the “Progressive” company down a peg.


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