Weekly Recap July 7th: Guild Wars 2 Devs Fired For Attacking Fans, ADL Targets #GamerGate
Weekly Recap

There was a lot of stupid news, some good news, and some dumb news that transpired on the first full week of July, 2018. The stupid news comes in the form of the Anti-Defamation League claiming that they’re going to fight #GamerGate. The dumb news comes in the form of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse director Peter Ramsey attacking fans and supporting Antifa. And the good news came in the form of ArenaNet firing two SJW game developers working on Guild Wars 2 for being hostile toward the game’s fanbase.

Oh yeah, and Zoe Quinn decided to breach DC Comic’s social media guidelines, while several gaming communities have been censoring the video covering Naughty Dog’s SJW agenda. Oh, and Steven Universe decided to introduce little kids to a lesbian wedding, complete with a lesbian kiss. The only thing you’ll hear about it from the media is praise and promotion.

These stories and more in this July 7th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


ADL Vows To Fight #GamerGate

Apparently Valve had to reiterate that the company won’t be curating content on Steam, saying that they won’t be the taste police. The alpha 3.2.0 has finally released for Star Citizen, adding the ability venture the galaxy and mine rocks for coin. Jade Raymond also finally explained what they’re doing with the upcoming open-world Star Wars game. And the Anti-Defamation League has claimed that #GamerGate impacts lives and that they’ve vowed to fight against the consumer revolt against unethical journalism by inculcating students with social engineering.


Spider-Man Director Peter Ramsey Calls Fans Entitled

Oh boy, and so it begins. Sony can’t seem to escape the company of directors who enjoy belittling and attacking their own fanbase. That’s exactly what happened recently when Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse director Peter Ramsey went on a screed against fans because they criticized him for being pro-Antifa. After being banned initially from releasing in Australia, the Australian Classification Board received an appeal from the developers of We Happy Few, and lifted the ban on the game for release with an R18+ rating. Bethesda recently explained that Fallout 76 might have a Battle Royale mode, but that isn’t the priority for the company at the moment, and instead they’re focusing on getting a working version of the game out there. And some stats from a Japanese research firm has revealed that only 11% of PS4 active owners in Japan are female.


Guild Wars 2 Devs Fired For Being Rabid SJWs And Attacking Gamers

Finally, some developers were given the boot after acting like rabid Social Justice Warriors on social media, attacking the fanbase and dragging the company’s name through the mud all in the name of being a perpetually offended victim. ArenaNet’s head honcho wasn’t having any of it, and fired the two loud-mouthed SJWs so that they could get back to making Guild Wars 2 great again. RPG Maker MV is coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019 for everyone who wants to make their own JRPGs. EA and BioWare released the full EA Play demonstration of Anthem and gamers aren’t too pleased with what they’ve seen. Steven Universe decided to step up the Leftist agenda with a lesbian proposal and a lesbian wedding. And N4G has banned and censored discussion of RobinGaming’s video discussing the Naughty Dog SJW agenda.


Zoe Quinn Breaks DC’s Social Media Rules

DC Comics instituted a list of enforceable guidelines for social media conduct earlier this year, following a string of unsavory spats between Marvel Comics employees and fans. Well, Zoe Quinn decided to put DC’s patience to the test after coming on board as a creator for Goddess Mode by spewing invectives at Republicans via Twitter. Nexon is back in the spotlight, but not for the reasons they want to be, gamers have called them out for censoring the global version of MapleStory 2, and it has plenty of fans around the globe saying enough is enough. And a sexual harasser in the cosplay community named Momokun got a harsh taste of reality when one of the vendors decided to drop support for her after multiple complaints of harassment surfaced. And BioWare has discussed the future of their business and what they hope to achieve with their upcoming games… assuming they survive Anthem’s release.


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