Wizards of The Coast Reportedly Severs Ties With Boogie2988 For Associating With Unsleeved Media
Boogie Vs Wizards of the Coast

YouTuber Steven Jason Williams, better known as Boogie2988, came under fire recently from the LGBTQ and Social Justice Warrior communities for claiming that it might be best to wait a couple of decades before allowing gay marriage in order for there to be less pushback from the public and less violence directed toward the LGBTQ community. Boogie2988’s comments were met with a lot of vitriol from certain individuals, as evidenced with certain tweets directed at the YouTuber.

Threads over on Reddit’s Out of the Loop further explained Boogie2988’s stance on a path of least resistance toward implementing policy changes for social standards.

Boogie2988’s comments also did not go down well with Wizards of the Coast digital product manager for Magic: The Gathering, Alli Medwin, who reproached Boogie2988 for his comments on June 23rd, 2018.

YouTuber Jeremy Hambly, the content creator for Unsleeved Media and The Quartering, did a video chronicling Boogie2988 getting on the bad side of Wizards of the Coast, essentially coming to Boogie’s aid and offering a perspective that defended the fellow YouTuber. The video was published on June 30th, 2018.

This apparently ignited the ire at those working at Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. In a comment published on July 1st, 2018 in a thread on Kotaku in Action by Boogie2988, under the Reddit handle uberwolf50, he explained that Wizards of the Coast decided to break ties with him as an approved partner for Magic: The Gathering, writing…

“To clarify Alli is NOT the person that said wotc did not want to work with me any more. She DID in fact have some pretty critical and I felt unfair things to say about me publicly but that’s her rights and opinion.


“The person who told me at WOTC that the company would no longer work with me said so in private via email. I don’t believe in sharing such emails so I won’t say his name or exactly what they said: but he said that because I had endorsed jeremy in the past they no longer wish to work with me. said that “i know you fancy yourself some sort of go between” but with limited resources they would choose only to work with people who had not ‘condoned people who had caused so much hate and pain.” [sic]

Boogie also thanked Jeremy from Unsleeved Media for having his back and for being a good friend to him.

Boogie’s videos for Magic: The Gathering would frequently gather hundreds of thousands of views, whether it was playing the card games or unboxing the products. So some see this as more of a loss for Wizards of the Coast than for Boogie.

Previously, Jeremy was banned from the Magic: The Gathering community by Wizards of the Coast on the grounds of being a “bully”. However, Jeremy began digging up skeletons in the closet of Wizards of the Coast and discovered that there were various pedophiles hiding within the Magic: The Gathering community.

Both Niche Gamer and Dangerous did detailed profiles on the information that Jeremy had presented regarding the pedophile issue within the Magic: The Gathering community. Since then Jeremy and Wizards of the Coast have not been on good terms.

In this particular case, Wizards of the Coast is apparently severing ties with Boogie2988 both for his sociopolitical views and for his ties with Jeremy Hambly from Unsleeved Media.

I did reach out to the Wizards of the Coast press office to confirm if they have officially severed ties with Boogie2988 or if there was some form of miscommunication. If they choose to respond the article will be updated with their response.

(Thanks for the news tip ItsDrazi)


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