World War 3 Will Have Destructible Environments, Bullet Penetration And A Hardcore Mode

The Farm 51 is still working hard on World War 3. In the meantime, though, the devs shared some info on key features that include destructible environments, bullet penetration, and a Hardcore mode.

Currently, The Farm 51 has roughly 100 devs at its studio, with people working on several projects and R&D. The company has three teams divided into projects: World War 3, Chernobyl, and the technical department of Reality 51 (VR/AR productions). Taking a look over to the first project, we recently learned some interesting things.

Firstly, if you like Battlefield’s Hardcore mode, you will be able to find just that in World War 3:

Secondly, an older Q&A that The Farm 51 took up touched on realistic weapons, bullet penetration, and destructible environments, noting that…

“Yes, the weapons will be very realistic, including modifications and ballistic models. An example of this may be the possibility of transforming a basic AK-12 structure into many variants such as a sub-carabiner, sniper rifle, assault rifle, etc. From one construction we can create different builds, tailored to our preferences, as it is in reality. We also have various types of ammunition in the game, so you can shoot an opponent hiding behind a wall.”

The Farm 51 would continue on and say:

“Anti-tank ammunition is of great importance, which is much more effective against armored targets but has low reserve ammo. In our game, weight is also important – where the amount of character equipment or vehicle weight affects mobility on the battlefield.


As for destructible environments, the gameplay based on team play is the key for us, destruction is present at a basic level without disrupting gameplay balance. It will be possible to destroy small objects, curtains, walls, etc., but we do not plan to destroy whole buildings, because on large city maps it often negatively alters the balance of the game. In terms of damage, we do not want the game to be over 18+ by adding gore.”

Moreover, the devs don’t have a single-player experience ruled out of the equation. According to the Q&A, the devs have a lot of information about a solo experience being implemented later on in World War 3:

“As for a singleplayer experience, we are considering such an option in the future, especially working with veterans who particpated in missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have collected a lot of valuable feeback.”

World War 3 will go through an early access phase, which is assumed to be the beta set for July or August. This phase will be open to players for feedback and refinement on PC via Steam.

Lastly, you can check out the “Making of (Ballistics)” video right here that shows the devs handling actual weapons to help World War 3’s development. If that doesn’t seem of interest, more info about the game can be found over on


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